29: Extraordinary Destruction

Elena dashed into the woods escaping the claws of the Alamalas, Five Dark Alamalas against one demon princess is one hectic hunt, The First Alamala unleashed demonic flames which burnt down trees but Elena escaped. 

" How the Hell will I escape this? " Elena asked herself, She dare not summon her demons friends to help her because they stand no chance against one Deadly Alamala talkless of five ancient demon warriors. 

Elena eyes sparked with red lightning, Her hair color changed from black to red, Fangs emerged likewise deadly claws ready to attack, Elena knew she can't attack with her demonic side, So she must fight against the Alamalas with her Hybrid side. 

" I don't care whatever you are Demons or Hunters Of demons, What I do know is that you aren't taking my head to your realm, You will all perish before me " Elena roared in fury, Two Alamala charged at her with their two huge bat wings slicing the air, Elena did a back flip es

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