33: Dark Visitation


Lightning flashed through the sky, Heavy footsteps could be heard and so as Screeching sounds which echoed through out the dark woods, Wendigos emerged out with their bright dark white eyes vividly showing as they seems to be chasing after something powerful. 

The Destruction of The Hybrid's Kingdom was certained as Unstoppable fire set ablaze the kingdom walls, Elena emerged out of a tunnel in the woods with a little child in her arms as she bolted into sprint. 

On hearing her fast footsteps, The Wendigos nearby charged at her creating dark sounds which attracted more Wendigos in pursuit to capture Elena, The Panting Elena passed through many corners in other to Escape but those Wendigos were still persistent in capturing her. 

The Dark Realm filled with Nothingness Covered with Darkness, Five Dark Figures could be seen relaxing their backs on the g
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