34: He is back

Heavy lightning strucked the ground, Dark seering auras beclouded the atmosphere, Fred Lason emerged out of the darkness with his Vampires following him from behind, Their red glowing eyes which gave the perfect eye vision to see in the darkness. 

" Yes, I can sense the great auras of Darko... He knows I am here " Fred Lason said with a dark grin plastered on his face, Heavy wind blew eerily scattering dried leaves, Crickets sprouted out in the sky as the sky darkened. 

Heavy footsteps could be heard from afar, They are all vampires so hearing footsteps from far is normal to them, Sharp fangs crept out of its shell likewise their deep claws making them more fierce and feared among other the rest of the vampires out there. 

The Agratha's Vampires Are on most destructive vampires in the world, Except for the ancient vampire Masters which were ruled by the alpha vampire before the first tribrid trapped them in the abyss of darkness.&nbs

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