40: Let's burn em all

Mysterious came out a dark pit, His white hair glowed in the darkness, His beauty radiats glowing majestically in the dark realm, flames, storm, windy, earth claw, frost and spark came out of Mysterious body in a giffy. 

" It's time master, The Reunion is almost set " Storm said, Mysterious let out all the instruments he had already acquired from the various individuals he has already attacked all this while, Except for Elena he killed.. He hasn't killed anyone yet. 

The scroll levitated and it spread out revealing the golden written words which glowed, Flames walked up to the scroll.. Blew small particles from his fiercely breath and a strong force burnt the scroll revealing a golden scroll. 

" The golden scroll of the descendants, The arch staffs of Excalibur... The perulian laws of destiny, The Dark monarch of evil.. All this things are the essential tools in bringing together the long lost secret hidden from everyone after the la

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