55: Why are you this evil?

" What have you done mysterious? " Diana voice rang out of the realm filled with both light and darkness, Mysterious sat down on the mountain top in deep thought, Flames, Storm, Frost, Earth claw, Windy, Storm and Spark. 

" You don't understand Diana, I was sent here on a mission to wreck the world into two, Lucifer and Nature instructed me to bring havoc upon this dimension my mate " Mysterious answered sternly relaxing his calm angry face.

" What did you meant by nature brought you here, I thought you came here to disturb this world's peace, You are always entering worlds and destroying it they are nothing to me at all " Pearl asked sternly and Mysterious smiled. 

" Honey Pie, You are the only person that understands why I am like this, Sometimes I just can't control the urge in me, The darkness is taking the best of me but lucifer brought me into this world to wreck havoc into two " Mysterious said with a pitiful face, Diana placed her

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