56: Brutal impact

The lights went on, Smith placed on his knees with chains binding him from moving, Everywhere loaded with plasma ray lasers ready to destroy smith If he eventually tries to move and break free from the silver chains binding him. 

" Wake him up " Mrs Chevolet ordered, A small room with enhanced gadgets capable of destroying the city of Skyfall, The illuminous lights brightened up while spot lights beaming on the face of Smith. 

The Small room guarded with powerful glass, Enable all the agents to see smith while he slumbers, Electric shock together with hot water shocked and splashes on the face on Smith which forced him out of his slumber. 

" Urgggh.. Where am I? " Smith asked himself, He tried breaking free from the chains but it was too difficult to do so, The lights on showing all the agents, Mrs Chevolet and Mrs Vladimir together with Kristy. 

" Oh I guess you are the owner of this organization right? You are a human a

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