88: End of Eradicators

Lightning strucked down from the sky, it all followed by a massive wind attack, Unstable, Uncontrollable, Immeasurable, Destructive and disastrous, Lightning strucked the breach leading to the Temple.

" Aren't we going to fight? " Collins asked sternly, They have been standing, Waiting and watching the Beserk wolves fighting the dark monsters, Jace channelled the Beserk rage in Collins and the Alpha rage in Marcus to create the monsters.

" We can't go into battle now, The Eradicators still has villains up in their sleeves, They are planning something devious, Only out creatures will do and shall be enough to take down this murderous monsters " Jace answered.




❄️❄️❄️Tyrus ❄️❄️❄️

The Princes appeared before the Primordials magestic thrones, All gods, goddess and Demi gods and goddesses were present, Spirits and Warriors were all present to listen to the present situation at hand.

" Father, We can't find him anywhere "

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