Dawn Of A New Day

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Dawn Of A New Day

By: Kingkp OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Life is full of ups and downs, and nothing is certain. After losing his best friend to cancer, an orphan decides to leave his orphanage home. He ends up in a new place, a place where modern technology is unheard and exist not. In this vast and beautiful world; where strength speaks the loudest and luck is the difference between life and death, he strives to survive, facing each day armed with purpose and a newfound hope.


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  • Melody Kolev


    If you are contemplating on reading then you shouldn’t. I can assure you it has a lovely plot. You’ll enjoy it.

    2022-09-01 00:17:03
  • Jan West


    To be honest I didn’t like the book cover but the book is a lovely piece. I hope the author keeps it up.

    2022-09-01 00:14:03
  • Bryce Kolev


    A pretty good start. Would live to see how it goes. I’ll drop another review after reading enough

    2022-09-01 00:11:53
  • Nathali Young


    So far it’s been a lovely story though it could be better. I want to see what happens and I think you, yes you, should join me

    2022-08-20 18:54:50
  • James Peters


    If I were to say something about this book it will simply be amazing. Though there are areas to work on I’ll still stand to say it’s amazing. Keep it up author

    2022-08-20 18:43:02
  • Light


    So far the book is interesting. I like how it goes on a nice pace. Not too fast and not too slow. Keep it up author

    2022-08-20 18:38:36
  • reader archeron


    honestly a surprise to find a decent start to this tale. it kept me reading which is a big change of late compare to others. minor grammar issues but not overly distracting. this tale has a decent flow as well. should be interesting to see where the reincarnation aspect takes us in future chapters.

    2022-07-20 10:37:49
  • Ranjita Kolev


    I feel you should work on your world and give more details. But anyway this book didn’t bore me so far. So I’m going to say you guys should try it.

    2022-09-01 00:19:19
  • Adrik Zador


    If you are not reading this I personally feel you are missing out

    2022-08-20 18:56:57
  • Becky Anyanwu


    All I can say as a fellow writer is that this author writes maturedly. The author began the story at a very strategic point. the descriptions are very well done.

    2022-08-31 18:43:11
  • Tanya Allcorn


    Nice writing quality and nice plot the book has a way of keeping you reading. I’m going to see how it goes and you should too

    2022-08-20 18:40:56
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114 chapters
~The Promise~
'Hey Huno, do you believe in reincarnation?' Mia asked, breaking the awkward silence that had settled down for an unknown amount of time. She sat down on a broken fence overlooking a bed of roses. A young lad; with white-colored hair, sat on the ground just before the bed of roses, with his back against the fence. He thought quietly, looked at her and then back at the surrounding roses.'No, not really. What about you?'.'Same, but I hope it's real, haha,'. She laughed, swung her legs, and said, 'I want you to promise something, Huno,'.'What's that?'.'Promise me you won't follow me when I leave.''Why do you think I would follow you?'.'I don't think you would, but I know you are thinking about it,'. Mia looked at him and continued, 'and when you think about something, fifty percent of the time you end up doing it,'. Huno laughed, 'is that so?''Yes,' Mia replied and stretched her right hand towards him, 'so promise me, okay?'. Huno breathes in slightly, stretched his left hand
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~Two Months Later~(Bell ringing)‘Okay that’s it, time’s up, submit your answer sheets,’‘Oh no!’‘You can’t be serious,’.‘Ha, I didn’t have enough time,’‘No, no, no,’... While the student screamed one after another, a figure stood up; holding two answer sheets, and walked up to the desk in front of the entire class.This figure made everyone quiet down one after another as he walked up. Not minding the various gazes of everyone in the classroom, the figure submitted the two answer sheets and then turned and was about to leave. ‘Wait, I have an announcement for everyone. Get seated,’ the supervisor said.The figure stood in front of the door. Without replying, the figure turned and went back to his seat. ‘Alright everyone handover your answer sheets. Come on now,’... ‘Okay, you all get back to your seats.’ ‘First, as you all know, your result will be out tomorrow. I hope everyone has already prepared and has decided what college they would like to go to.’‘Yes sir,’
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~The Next Day~‘Sia, the briefing was boring,’‘Ama, I wish I didn’t attend,’ Sia replied. They both walked out of the school main hall hand in hand. ‘Where’s everyone hurrying to?’ Ama asked, seeing other students rushing away.‘I don’t know, let’s ask,’ Sia said.‘Excuse me, where are you rushing to?’ she asked a boy.‘The noticed board, our finals are out,’ the boy replied quickly and ran away.‘Nice, let’s go see,’ Ama said as she pulled Sia....They got there a few minutes later, only to see an enormous crowd in front of the big noticeboard.‘They only displayed the top hundred students’ names,’ Ama said.‘I hope I get to see my name. Come on, let’s search,’ Sia replied.‘Oh, I’ve found mine,’ Ama announced immediately. ‘Number eighteen,’.‘Really, you must have done well. You are probably among the top ten in your class,’‘Maybe, oh I’ve found yours, number twenty-six,’‘Really? Ha yes, I didn’t do too bad, I was so afraid yesterday,’.‘Why?’.‘The exams were tough for me,’‘O
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~Bad Luck~
‘Thank you, young man, you can drop it there,’ an old man said.‘You are welcome,’ Huno replied, putting down a traveling bag. ‘Bye sir,’‘Alright bye, thank you again,’ the old man said and watched Huno walk away.Huno walked out of the train station with a paper in his hand.‘It’s so early,’ he said, staring at the sky and walking up to a board map. ‘Let’s see which way is it,’ he said. ~Two Months Ago~ ‘Hey, Huno, how are you?’‘Ms. Stephanie, you came,’ Huno replied with tears in his eyes. ‘She’s gone,"‘‘Stop holding your tears back. Let it out, Huno,’Huno looked at her and shook his head and closed his eyes. ‘I promised myself I won’t cry. She’s in a better place now, and she isn’t suffering.’He opened his eyes, and the tears gathered in his eyes were gone.Ms. Stephanie smiled wryly. ‘Alright, I wanted to ask what you think about coming to live with me?’‘You mean?’‘You need a new environment. My place is a pleasant idea of one,’ she replied.‘Have you told the sister
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Looking up, the snow continued to fall, with no sign of stopping.Huno was cold. Behind him was the cave he just walked out from. The cave was not deep and its mouth was at the bottom of a small mountain. Ahead and in all directions, he could see only snow.Huno decided and turned back to the cave only to gasp. Something stood behind him, right beside the cave entrance.Standing to the right, ten feet away from the entrance, was a four-legged animal. It seems to look like a jaguar but it had three tails and it was about five feet tall.The animal straightened up and roared. It wanted to catch its prey by surprise, but unfortunately, Huno caught it in the act.Huno panted. His thought stagnated for a while and when he came back to his senses, he heard a rumbling sound.As if replying to the animal’s roar, the small mountain growled slightly. Both Huno and the animal stared up and realized something was running down at a fast speed.~Avalanche!!~Huno wanted to rush to the cave but seein
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~I Don’t Blame You~
‘What did you do?’ the voice asked happily.‘It didn’t work, never mind,’ Huno said.‘It did. There’s light from outside,’‘Oh, then come out,’Immediately, there was a strong pulling force from outside that pulled the owner of the voice out. Huno widened his eyes, because after he said ‘come out’, a small petite figure stood in front of him.The figure’s body had a black layer over its skin. After a few seconds, it turned white and some few seconds later the white layer disappeared.The figure had thick black-colored hair that flowed down both shoulders and black-colored eyeballs. A while later, the black eyeballs turned to blue. ‘You look like a six-year-old kid,’ Huno smiled and said.The figure was a little girl about six to seven years old.‘Thank you,’ the little girl said and hugged him.Huno said nothing and stared at his left arm. When he said ‘open’, the strange patterns glowed with a red color. But now not only was the glow gone, but the pattern was also gone. ‘It
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Huno closed his eyes, stretched his left hand towards her and said. ‘Come in,’Luna felt a pulling force that pulled her towards him and immediately she appeared in the dark place again. But this time it wasn’t dark. She didn’t know where the light came from, but the whole place was bright.'Wow,’What she saw shocked her. The dark place was extremely big. She wanted to go round and see how big it was when she heard.‘Come out,’Immediately, a pulling force came, and she appeared in front of Huno.Before she said anything, Huno said. ‘Go stand over there.’He pointed to a place in the cave that was approximately thirty feet away.‘Okay,’ Luna replied immediately and walked over.As soon as she got there, Huno raised his left hand towards her and said, ‘come in,’. The pulling force came again. Luna voluntarily flew towards him fast and, before she got halfway through the distance, she disappeared. He brought her out, and she appeared beside him. ‘Go twice that distance,’ Huno said,
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~Can I? No~
★★★ ~Two Days Later~ ‘Am I dead yet? No, it doesn’t seem like it,’ Huno thought. ‘But everything is dark. Oh, it’s that again. My eyes are still closed,’ ‘Come on, open up. How annoying I have to wait. What’s this warm thing on my body, well I have to wait. Any minute now, come on. Why is it taking so long? There we go finally, wait everything is still dark. No way! Am I blind? You’ve got to be kidding. How am I blind? I didn't get hurt in my eyes,’ Huno stretched his left arm and tried to sit up. ‘Oh Huno, you are awake,’ Luna’s voice came into his ear. ‘Luna, is it just me or is this place dark? I think I’ve gone blind,’ ‘Hehe,’ Luna laughed softly. ‘What? Is it funny that I’m blind?’ Huno asked angrily. ‘No, no, it’s not, and you aren’t blind. It's just dark in here,’ Luna replied, and immediately there was a rumbling sound. When the sound subsided, light penetrated the space from his left-hand side and Huno found out he was in a cave. A big rock blocked the entrance.
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~The Saint Realm~
From afar, the young man saw both of them and yelled.‘You guys run, quickly,’By the time the words completely came out of his mouth, he was beside Huno. He used his free hand to pull Huno’s shirt. Huno, who didn’t know what was going, started running while pulling Luna along. He was shocked by the man’s speed, but now wasn’t the time to think about it. ‘What’s going on?’ Huno asked the young man ahead of him.‘Beasts, a pack of five,’ the young man replied.Before Huno could ask his next question, he heard roars from behind. He turned to look and saw three, four-legged creatures rushing towards them. They had orange-colored fur, and they each had a horn on their head. Seeing this, Huno bent down, placed Luna on his shoulder and kept running. The man and his companions were giving him some distance.‘Should we separate from them?’ Huno thought. ‘No, let’s keep going and see what happens,’ he said to himself, and kept running. ‘Huno, they are getting closer,’ Luna said. ‘I’m runn
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~What Is Love~
The next day after eating, they got on the platform and set out. Lee Wei gave directions and Luna followed. After flying for almost five hours at almost full speed, Lee Wei said.‘Let’s land somewhere around and continue on foot.’Understanding his intention, Huno nodded, and Luna found somewhere to land. Huno took her in to keep the platform and then brought her out. She came out holding red berry-like fruits in her hand.She gave Huno and the others some and took the rest. Lee Wei led the way and four hours later they arrived some miles away from a city.‘That’s Blue sky city, under the jurisdiction of Blue sky state, and over there beyond the city is the sub-sect of the Feng sect, the Blue sky state,’ Lee Wei said.‘All sect has a sub-sect?’ Huno asked.‘Yes, about ten to fifteen each. Don’t worry, when you join a sect, it isn’t a must you live in it,’ Lee Wei said.‘What do you mean?’ Huno asked.‘All cultivators must join a sect. It doesn’t mean we must live within the sect ground
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