The Bullied Student's Demonic Revenge System

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The Bullied Student's Demonic Revenge System

By: Campoccino OngoingSystem

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Congratulations! You've been chosen by The Demon Lord. Daemon read these words in the brink of death. Getting bullied everyday and having nobody he can call an ally, he's always been an outcast - shunned by society. Hated by all. But all of that will now change. With the ultimate system given to him by Astaroth himself, Daemon can begin his revenge. Plunging into the depths of malice and deprivation, Daemon activates the DEMONIC REVENGE SYSTEM!

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172 chapters
The One Named Astaroth
“Finally awake?”These are the first words that Daemon heard along with a painful ringing that ruptures his ears. A nausea quickly ran up his skull. Literally. The pain went up to his brain resembling the puncturing of a thousand needles – more than enough pain to make him scream.“AHHHHHHH!”This is so unbearable that Daemon began to lose consciousness. But right before he’s swallowed by darkness, the sharp pain went away. All of these to be exact as he’s left in a half-conscious state.“Sorry about that, I forgot to turn off the pain receptors. You’re not supposed to feel alright in hell after all.” Daemon heard this loud and clear. Though in a half-conscious state, he can somehow hear the words being said to him clearly.It took him a while to regain full consciousness. Around ten minutes in human time. Within this period, he’s just left on the ground without anyone caring for him. A state he’s been used to all his life and one that he despises. That’s why he got to his feet right
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Grant Hues
“Where the f*ck are you?”The voice came from over the phone. Frankly speaking, Grant doesn’t enjoy listening to anyone nag to him. That’s why he turned the volume down. Just enough for him to barely hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying.“Good God Yvonne, how many men did you tag to me?” Grant answered nonchalantly as he looked around him. Trying to find anyone suspiciously looking at him.“You have the nerve to answer back to me like that?” The woman named Yvonne answered. “Go back to the suite you idiot."“Relax, will you?” Grant answered. “We’re not even in any real trouble, right? Even if that trash Daemon is dead, there’s no way that it’d cause any issues.”“Why are you talking like that…you fucking…are you drunk?”Grant chuckled. “Caught me reh handed.”“You idiot! We can’t fuck this up. You know that Christian’s father’s candidacy is on the line here. We can’t afford any mistakes.”“I’m not making any mistakes though. If anything, you guys are the ones ma
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Revenge System
Daemon passed through the rooftop’s door and left it slightly ajar. As soon as he did, the student fell to his knees. His fingers are still trembling and his whole body feels cold and hot at the same time. A sensation that shouldn’t even be possible and yet there he is. He would’ve even thrown up if not for him stopping himself.“This is a lot more nerve wrecking than I thought.” Daemon muttered to himself as he forced his body to get ack up. An attempt that proved to be unsuccessful right away.There’s just no energy left in his legs after what he just did. Even with all the cocky talk he had with Astaroth about being ready to kill, in the end, he’s also human. Inflicted by the same plagues of morality that will eventually make it harder for him to extract the next parts of his revenge.“I didn’t even have to kill him directly but I’m already left in this state.” Daemon chuckled. “I’m so pathetic.”He really wanted to push Grant off the rooftop. He did. But he just doesn’t have enoug
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The Call
“Hello?”The guard flashed his light across the whole of the rooftop. Looking thoroughly at the entirety of the place. As he did this, another person caught up to him. A second guard that he called to assist him.“Well? Found anything Brian?” The other guard asked as he also flashed his light, moving it across the parts where his partner’s light doesn’t reach.It’s not possible for them to get a blind spot because, even if someone moves to the darkest part of the rooftop where the light can’t reach, they can’t outrun the movement of the flashlight, nor predict where it’s headed. That being said, the two of them found nothing there. Not a single soul.“See?” Mark, the second guard said as he slapped the back of his partner’s neck. “I told you there’s nobody here.”“That’s strange. I could’ve sword I saw someone move up here.” Brian said, giving one last attempt at scanning the area. But to no avail. Other than the two of them, there isn’t anyone else there.“Cut that out man, you’re gi
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The Main Targets
Grant isn’t the vilest student in the Academy. Although this is the one who tripped Daemon off the rooftop, there are many who are on the same level as him. That’s right. It isn’t just Grant, Gerald, and Haze who are evil. There are more that’s just as wicked and… there are a few who’re viler.“Yo!” Haze greeted Gerald who just arrived at the Club House. A special place that’s built for the elite members of the Academy.Though it’s called as a club house, it’s much more of a mansion. There is a three-floor mansion that’s at the center and, on the side is a pool where students are freely laughing and swimming. Men in black suits and shades are also stationed around the whole area. Securing both the students and the place itself.On the far right is the parking lot. This is where both Haze and Gerald parked their own cars. Two Shelby Mustangs which is the same as the one that Grant drives as well.“Got any idea why he called us this late?” Gerald asked right as he locked his car.The te
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Chasing After a Ghost
Christian, Yvonne, and Damian. All three of them are high profile individuals because of who their parents are. Christian is the son of Alexander Aster, the favorite to win the mayoral election.Then there’s Yvonne Summers, daughter of the Academy’s Head. A prestigious school where all of the sons and daughters of wealthy individuals attend because of the quality of education.Last, but definitely not the least, is Damian Silvers; son of the number one gaming company’s CEO. He’s also the world champion for most of their games which made his name that much more prominentThis is the reason why Christian can’t lay a hand on any of the two. They are just as important as him. They are valuable individuals who spreads his sphere of influence and, they benefit the same thing from him. They are like parasites feeding on each other. But that doesn’t mean that they get along perfectly – because they don’t.“Hey, why did you stop me earlier?” Christian asked the two as soon as Haze and Gerald l
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Chasing After a Ghost II
What Gerald fell through is a hole on the ground. There’s actually a trap door that’s in the middle of the second floor’s tiles. It isn’t noticeable and looks a lot like any other part of the floor. The gang obviously never knew about this. That’s why they even have a carpet placed in the middle of the second floor. Covering this same hole in the process and, it’s because of this same carpet that Gerald fell through.The carpet covered him and prevented him from moving. Because of this, there’s nothing stopping the beating that came after. He felt something hard and heavy hit his body. He tried to fight back with his monstrous strength but, because of how sudden the whole thing is and, because of how effective the carpet is in minimizing his movement as well as blocking his vision, he isn’t able to fight back. The clobbering simply continued and as it did, Gerald kept on screaming.“YOU’RE DEAD!” He said as he squirmed with all his might. But this threat of his didn’t work at all. If
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Rewards and Loans
Daemon felt a warmth at the core of his body. Right at his navel which slowly crawls towards every vein inside of him. A sensation that calmed him and revitalized his body. Washing away all of the sweat that built up from the ordeal he had to go through.It’s almost like he’s being reborn. That is the sensation in its simplest sense. Daemon’s body is going through rebirth which isn’t even a joke. His muscles began to form and show from his skin and even his height began to change, making him taller than he actually is. Then came the changing of his hair’s color – becoming ash gray. In the middle of a white and black color.His body is covered in steam and, this burns through all of the scars that he has across his body. Erasing each and every one without leaving a trace. Even the graze wound on his cheek began to heal. And with all of this happening, new notifications popped out.[New Skill Reward: Lesser Regeneration][Information: Grants greater healing that heals through surface wo
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Christian and Daemon
“What’s taking them so long?”Christian waited in the third-floor lounge. The moon’s already reached its peak and the noise made by the students having the time of their lives died down hours ago. The clock has passed twelve yet, Haze and Gerald haven’t given him any response yet.His phone is dead silent. Not even a single message is sent to him by the students in question. This wouldn’t piss him off as much if not for the fact that it’s past midnight.Both Yvonne and Damian have left an hour ago already. They told him to just rest and wait for a reply tomorrow but Christian doesn’t want to. He wants to get news right away and he wants it to be a positive one. After all, the pressure is on him since its his father’s candidacy that’s at stake here.“Those good for nothing bastards! I’m gonna skin them alive if I see them again!” He screamed again, thrashing the room and breaking an expensive vase within the room. Making one of the guards enter to look at what happened – one who has so
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A New Quest
“Go fuck yourselves.”These are the words that came out of Daemon’s lips as soon as the requirement is explained to him. Something which he still refused to do. There doesn’t need to be an explanation why. Anyone would find this task outrageous, especially with all the laws governing society getting in his way. As well as the potential to get caught up in more danger once he kills the wrong individuals.[Astaroth (Asta): Whoa, easy with the language kid.][Baphomet (Baph): Yeah, why are you being so feisty all of a sudden? It’s not as bad as it seems.]“It is as bad as it seems.” Daemon defended though there’s really no need for him to do this for something that should be common sense. “You want me to kill a hundred more humans? How am I gonna do that?”[Asta: You’re exaggerating. Killing is basically how your cultivation system operates. You’d get to a hundred in no time at all.]I guess that part’s true. Daemon thought of this logically. He’s having an argument with the demons. He’s
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