Heavenly Werewolf System

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Heavenly Werewolf System

By: MAT OngoingSystem

Language: English

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What will you do when you discover that the world is bigger and more dangerous than you can imagine ? Michael, a young man who discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him with a Rich young man named Louis. But the next day, a message appears in front of his retina [The Heavenly Werewolf System has been successfully paired with host Michael Edzmon.] [The host can call the system interface by thinking] The emergence of the system was a major turning point in his life, as he embarked on the path of revenge for his girlfriend's betrayal, only to find himself involved against enemies he thought were only in novels, werewolves, vampires, ghouls, witches, he finds himself against these terrifying creatures, but with the help of the system , Michael becomes strong enough to face these threats. ( i own the cover copy right)

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121 chapters
chapter 1 : heavenly Werewolf system part 1
"The senses, the plural form of the word 'sense,' are the means of perception in living beings. They assist in recognizing and classifying things to understand their importance... "Inside one of the lecture halls at the University of North Texas in Denton, Professor Ibrahim stood. He was a middle-aged man with a smart and professional appearance. His bald head stood out against his smiling face. His light beard adorned his prominent chin. His brown eyes sparkled with vitality and curiosity. He seemed somewhat short in stature, but moved with confidence and smoothness."Humans have at least 20 additional senses..." Ibrahim paused and pointed to one of the students who was flirting with a girl beside him. Then he continued, "Yes, Mr. Cortez, there are more than the five senses that everyone here knows, totaling more than eleven, including the senses of their internal feelings, such as pain, balance, motion perception, the sense of time, the sense of direction, and the ability to perce
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chapter 2 : heavenly Werewolf System part 2
In the lively and thriving city of Denton, in a modest apartment in one of the middle-class neighborhoods, Michael lay on his worn-out bed in his dark room. Astonishment and excitement were evident on his face. Somehow, this morning, after being insulted and betrayed by his girlfriend, the indicator that had been stuck at 93% finally completed, and messages appeared confirming that he had connected to the heavenly Werewolf System, a mysterious system that aligned with his soul and could alter his body, helping him become stronger in unimaginable ways.[The heavenly Werewolf System has successfully linked with user Michael Edmond ][The user can access the system interface through thought. ][The system allows the user to allocate acquired points to any skill with a '+' sign.][ Points can be earned through training. ][ Points can also be earned through completing categorized tasks provided by the system.]Michael was confused and curious about this sudden connection to the remarkabl
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chapter 3 : vampire ? , part 1
"Where are you going, young man?" Rick spoke in a loud and harsh voice as he closed the car door behind him.Michael looked at his father with frustration. Rick was a strict and controlling man, likely a police officer or at least that's what Michael believed. Rick had a lot of problems at work and took out his anger at his family. He didn't care about Michael's feelings or opinions and always tried to control his life."Dad! I'm going to meet my fri...." Michael tried to answer, but Rick didn't wait for him to finish. He quickly entered the house, closing the door behind him.Michael sighed in even greater frustration. He knew there was no point in trying to talk to his father; he wouldn't listen. He felt lonely and sad, wishing he had a better family.Suddenly, he felt something pressing on his shoulder. He turned around and found a girl smiling at him affectionately. This girl was Julia, Michael's younger sister. Julia was a beautiful girl with long black hair and gray eyes. She re
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chapter 4 : vampire !? , part 2
Michael felt his senses warning him about the person in front of him. George ignored his goal and stared at Michael. The intensity of this person startled him , he could only connect Michael's sharp senses with one of the werewolves he met Max stepped back without blinking and said tremulously, "M-Michael! Be cautious, the person in front of you is a vampire!"Michael's eyes narrowed , he didn't mock Max's words. After gaining system, his perspective on the world had also changed. This feeling of danger towards George made Michael look at the man in front of him differently. He could only connect the events together."Those men work for this man, but why are they chasing Max?!" Michael pondered with a frown.He opened the system interface and added two points to the power attribute. Keeping the points in this situation was indeed foolish, so he chose to follow his intuition and increase the power attribute.After Michael added two points to the power attribute, he felt his muscles
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chapter 5 : the first kill !
Michael stood in front of Max's house after dropping him off. Sophie burst into tears when she noticed the injury on Max's neck that he couldn't hide. George's grip was incredibly strong, and if it weren't for Max killing George, his throat would have been destroyed. It took a long time to calm Sophie down, and Max lied to her about being attacked by a vampire. He didn't want to involve her mother in this matter, so instead, he told her that he got into a fight with a customer at the bar who refused to pay.Max opened the door of the house and stepped out."How is Aunt Sophie doing?" Michael asked, leaning against the wall of the house.Max nodded his head and said, "She's fine, thank you..." He paused for a moment before continuing, looking at Michael's slightly pale face. "Thank you, my friend, about that..."Max stopped when he saw Michael waving his hand."Forget about it tonight. Let's discuss it tomorrow...""As you wish," mumbled Max, then bid farewell to his friend.*****As
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chapter 6 : Crucial decision
Inside one of the gardens in the city of Denton"Hey ...!!""Hey boy !!"" Wake up ... "Michael's eyelashes slowly moved as his gray eyes opened."You're finally awake, young boy! If it weren't for your moving chest, I would have thought you were dead..."Michael rubbed his eyes and looked at the old man who was speaking incessantly. The man was wearing a woolen hat, a gray coat, and carrying a wooden cane. He had a white beard and a face full of wrinkles. He seemed friendly.Michael was in a bad mood, he adjusted himself and sat on the grass, saying in a gruff voice, "Who are you!?"The old man smiled and looked at the young man in front of him, who looked like a homeless person."My name is Musa, and I don't want anything from you, young boy. I was just passing by here and saw you sleeping on the grass. I thought to myself, this boy needs someone to help him, so I decided to wake you up..."Michael nodded his head and said as he stretched his limbs, "Well, thank you for your concer
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chapter 7 : stronger again
"What did he say? Is he okay!?" Julia asked her mother anxiously after seeing tears streaming from Angela's eyes.Angela wiped her tears and placed the phone on the table. "He's not coming back! He said he won't return home..." She couldn't hold back her tears from falling once again.Julia sighed in relief because nothing bad had happened to Michael. Unlike her mother, she was glad that Michael had made this decision. She had been encouraging him to leave home and become independent because she saw that he was being pressured too much.She stepped forward, hugged her mother, and began patting her back."Once again... another son has left," Angela whispered weakly."All because of that man. He made my life a living hell ! , You're the reason I'm still with him, and I haven't asked for a divorce yet !! ""Why !? Just Why did he become like this!?" she exclaimed.Julia remained silent, simply listening to her devastated mother's words.Meanwhile, Michael put his phone in his pocket. H
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chapter 8 : drow attention
"I'm sure you know what happened to me last night, right?" Michael said in a hoarse voice as he sat on the edge of a five-story abandoned building. The wind was blowing through his hair and clothes, and the sun was rising on the horizon."My father kicked me out of the house after I came back late at night...""Actually, it was a good thing because it gave me time to think about several things and make some decisions...""I won't go back home, even if that man himself asks me to come back..."Max raised his eyebrows, wanting to convince his friend, but he stopped trying when he saw the expression on Michael's face. He knew Michael well; once he made a decision, it was impossible to change his mind. He sighed, placed his hand on his shoulder, and said earnestly, "Don't worry, my friend. You're always welcome at my house. My mom loves you like her own son. Don't let your father affect your mood..."Michael smiled gratefully and said, "You're the best friend I have. Thank you for everyt
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chapter 9 : accident Part 1
In an abandoned and dilapidated factory on the outskirts of Denton city, the clock struck ten in the evening. The sky appeared as a heavy gray blanket enveloping the horizon, releasing heavy drops of cold rain that made a disturbing sound on the surface of the metal factory. The air was damp and cold, carrying the scent of rust and dust.Smith sat on an old wooden chair, his back leaning against the cold concrete wall. He looked expressionless at the man hanging upside down from an iron hook in the center of the room.Although the face of the suspended man was covered in a layer of dried blood, concealing his features, if Max were here, he wouldn't doubt the identity of this person for a moment. This man was one of the couple relentlessly pursued by Smith in the city streets, under George's orders."Leo, that's your name, isn't it?" Smith spoke with a creepy voice mixed with sarcasm. His voice reverberated in Leo's ears, who trembled with fear. Leo couldn't speak; he just nodded vigor
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chapter 10 : accident Part 2
"Where were you, buddy!?" Max asked as he looked at his friend who had just entered the house.Michael grabbed a glass of water from the breakfast table and said while taking a sip, "I ran a little!"Max raised his eyebrows and said, "You ran? Strange! I didn't know you liked running..."Michael shrugged, "Well, I need to train my body a bit to adapt to the new strength, as you know..."Max smiled and said, handing a cup of coffee to Michael, "I envy you, buddy. I'm thinking of finding a wolf and testing my luck... hahaha.""I'm afraid you'll get rabies instead of what you want," Michael mocked while drinking his coffee. He looked around and asked, "By the way, did Aunt Sophie go to work?"Max nodded, "Yes..."Michael placed the coffee cup on the table and then said, holding a small knife from the kitchen without noticing Max, "Well then, let's go to work as well..."Max nodded and they both went out, closing the door behind them. Suddenly, Max heard the sound of a motorcycle engine b
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