The Amazing Luther Chris

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The Amazing Luther Chris

By: Dragonslav OngoingUrban/Realistic

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-"Congratulations Host has successfully integrated with the Amazing Man system " -"Whaat?!" . Luther Chris had no relocation of his past background, except he was just a useless live in son in law. One day, after getting beaten half to death, he awakens a powerful system offering him wealth and power on a silver platter and his new purpose begins. A face slapping billionaire by day, a ruthless vigilante by night.. I own copyright to the book cover

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    Great story

    2023-07-29 03:22:17
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18 chapters
Chapter 1
"Chris!!" Chris who was washing the dirty dishes in the kitchen heard an angry yell from behind him. Looking back, he saw his wife standing akimbo at the enterance of the kitchen. "H-honey?" "Don't honey me" Cindy snorted. "How can you still be washing the dishes by this time? For pete sake it's been more than twenty minutes. Isn't that enough to deal with all the dirty dishes?" Chris twisted his fingers as he glanced at the huge heap of dirty dishes. Cindy's family ran a resturant that had an average customer rate of five hundred. Their plates numbered more than a thousand, and he was the human dish washer. Twenty minutes? he wouldn't even be done washing these plates in an hour. "I.. give me one hour. I promise to try my best" Chris clenched his pale fingers that were starting to hurt. "You better" Cindy slammed a debit card on Chris chest. "After you are done washing, go shop groceries alright? i will send you the items through text" saying this, Cindy grabbed some of th
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Chapter 2
When Chris woke up, the heavy smell of medecine assaulted his nose. "I'm in a hospital?" he mused, staring at his bandaged arms and the drip connected to his wrist. Suddenly, he felt a sting in his chest, causing him to release a yelp. Few seconds later, a nurse barged in. "You're awake?" the nurse smiled. "What happened to me?" Chris felt like his brain was fuzzy. "Just relax, let me go call the doctor" the nurse rushed out. Chris sighed. He felt his limbs go so heavy that he could barely move them. At that moment, he saw a string of words floating in the air in front of him.-[CONGRATULATIONS ON ASSIMILATING WITH THE OWL CORE. DO YOU WISH TO AWAKEN THE SYSTEM NOW?] Chris rubbed his eyes, trying to check if they were playing tricks on him. But even after he did, he still found those words floating in the air. "Heh. To think that this injury would make me start hallucinating" he laughed self mockingly.-[PASSIVE COMMAND ACCEPTED. YOU HAVE AWAKENED THE AMAZING MAN SYSTEM]"Wai
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Chapter 3
Pant! Pant! Pant! Chris collasped on the bed, sweating profusely as his chest heaved. Although it had been difficult, he was able to sucessfully finish the daily quest.-[Host has completed daily quest; Daily Fitness]-[Host has recieved quest rewards; +3 exp. +1 feauture points. $100] Chris was dumbfounded when he recieved these notifications from the system. A hundred bucks! for just a mere excersise? He couldn't help but envisione the scene of earning seven hundred bucks a week and two thousand eight hundred a month! Back when he lived with the Cortez, his personal savings weren't even up to five hundred bucks. Most of the money he transacted with, belonged to Cindy. Speaking of the Cortez.. "Why hasn't any of them come to visit me? surely the doctor must have informed them of my wake up from coma?" Theo wondered. How could he know that the Cortez family has literally given up on him? Glancing at the bed side clock that read '6:40pm' he yawned, allowing sleep to wash him
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Chapter 4
The next day, Chris Luther successfully opened a bank account. Just as he anticipated, he got credited by an unknown source. Withdrawing the money, he rented a basement at a slum area paying the weekly price of two hundred dollars. After completing the daily body fitness task, he began to think about his future. He knew that with the help of the system, rising to the top was guranteed. But sincerely speaking, he felt that his progress was slow. A hundred bucks per day although was a large sum, he still wasn't content with it. He had high expectations for the system afterall. At that moment, his stomach rumbled like the sound of thunder. "That reminds me. I haven't even eaten breakfast" he gasped slightly. It was already approaching noon and yet he didn't feel that unbearable pang of hunger he usually felt in the past when the Cortez would overwork him and make him skip meals. "Prehaps the system fitness quest is at play?" apart from that, he couldn't find another plausable rea
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Chapter 5
At a quiet alley way. The sky was dark, painted with gleaming shiny stars surrounding a crescent moon. Foot steps echoed as a lady clad in a puffy jackets walked down the alley way. Her head was down and she wore a headphone. At that moment, a vehicle suddenly pulled over besides her. The door swung open revealing three hefty men with tatoos wearing armless vests. The three hefty men grabbed the lady, with one of them landing a karate chop on the back of her neck, causing her to lose consciousness. The men shoved her into the vehicle and swiftly drove off.* * * The next day.. Chris walked out from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. Taking a glance at the mirror on the wall, a smirk appeared on his lips. Thanks to the body fitness exams, he was starting to notice the developing abs and biceps. At that moment, he recieved a notification from the system.-[New Weekly Quest; Join the Police] "Join the police?" Chris wondered.He wasn't against joining the police. A
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Chapter 6
The next day, Chris was surprised to see a cop at the door early in the morning. The young cop was holding onto a package. "Yes?" Chris arched his brows. "Detective Warren asked that i deliver this to you" the cop handed the package he was holding, over to Chris. "Oh. It must be my uniform. It came quite quick huh?" Chris instantly knew what was within the package. "Thank you" he nodded at the cop then closed the door. He started doing his daily fitness. He rounded it up quickly, had a swift breakfast and hurried to open the package. Just as he anticipated, it was his police uniform. Donning it on, he checked himself out through the standing mirror. "I look less bony than before and my eyes are sterner, compared to my dull eyes in the past" he mumbled to himself. Although these were minute changes, he knew his body quite well. Ever since he got the system, a lot of things changed. He finally became independent. Became braver. Now he's gotten a new job!-[Ding! Host has compl
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Chapter 7
"You.." the female cop stared at the duo, unable to speak. Wasn't this old man's audacity a little bit too much? wanting the director to come see him in person.. "Why are you staring like me like a movie. Do what i said!" Detective Warren snapped. "Sir.." the female cop wanted to protest but the sharp glare Detective Warren sent her way made her shut up. She reluctantly picked up the landline and put a call across. "Sir, are you sure about this?" Chris palm were starting to get sweaty. He hadn't even registered yet and this old man was already offending the director of the training center. In his mind, he was planning how to deny ever knowing Detective Warren. "Don't worry boy" Detective Warren dismissed his worries. He had a relaxed expression on his face, like he got the situation all under control. At that moment, the sound of heavy hurried foot steps was heard as a man approached them from the inner part of the training facility.The man was rotund. His head was like the
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Chapter 8 - Danger!!
The Next day.. Theo fixed himself a fast meal. The previous night after he apprehended those robbers, he recieved some pretty good rewards.-[HOST ATTRIBUTES]-Name: Luther Chris.-Level: 1-[CONSTITUTION]-Name: Primitive Owl suit-Strength: 10(okay) +-Agility: 1(pathetic) +-Speed: 2(pathetic) +-Phy: 4(low) +-DMG: 17-FEAUTURE POINTS: 32-CASH: $8880 "Apart from my strength stat, my other stats are lacking. Especially agility and speed" Chris frowned. What was the point in being powerful when in exchange for dealing one punch, the opponent deals ten. He tapped on the '+' sign for Agility.[Do you wish to add +1 agility stat? it costs 2 feauture points] 'Yes' A few moments later, the Agility stat increased by +1 while his feauture point decreased by -2. Not satisfied, he squandered all the feauture points into the Agility, Speed and Physique stats respectively.-[Your Agility has increased to 7]-[Your speed has increased to 7]-[Your physique has increased to 9]"That solv
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Chapter 9 - Meeting the Team
The briefing ended in a weird kind of way. The outburst of powerful aura Star released was scary. After arriving at the hall, they began to read their roaster list. Theo was part of a crime investigation squad while Larry was part of a K9 squad. After that, the newbies were shown their desks. It might be a coincedence, but Star's desk just happened to be besides Theo's. The whole morning was quite uneventful since Theo didn't recieve a call from his squad. When it was lunch time, the officers began to hurry out to grab a snack or two at a nearby cafeteria. "Sup buddy?" Larry wrapped his arms around Theo's shoulder. "Boring" Theo sighed. "You'll get used to it. Especially since you are part of the crime investigation unit. Honestly, you should join me in the K9 unit" "No thanks" Theo quickly rejected. Seriously? if he joined the K9 unit, how would he earn cash and feauture points? "Suite yourself" Larry shrugged. They arrived at the resturant but just as Theo wanted to enter,
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Chapter 10 - New Partner
Detective Warren flipped the document on his office desk, onto the next page. He began scribbling something down with the bic pen. Apart from the sound of the bic and whooshing of the AC, the office was dead silent. At that moment, the door opened up a bit and a head popped out through the crack. It was Chris. "Oh, it's you young man" Detective Warren glanced at his wrist watch. It was ten minutes past lunch time. Just what was this guy doing here? "Can i come in?" Chris enquired. "Sure. Sure" Chris walked in. The police uniform on his body added a certain miniscule change in his aura. He took the seat opposite the desk. Detective Warren smiled. "So?" "I don't want to join that team" Chris laid his complaint. "Oh?" Detective Warren grew curious. "And why is that? You must now that since you were appointed to a team, you must stick to it. If i change you carelessly, my subordinates will start harbouring thoughts that i am impartial"Chris sighed. He knew from the start that
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