The Unsung Prince

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The Unsung Prince

By: N. Naemerem OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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An unexpected encounter. A secret revealed. A destiny uncovered. Daniel's life was about to change forever, but little did he know that this change would bring him both fortune and misfortune. As he navigated his newfound wealth and status, he found himself caught in a web of secrets and lies. But would his newfound fortune bring him happiness? Or would it only bring more challenges and trials? Only time would tell...

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8 chapters
Chapter 1
"Daniel? Where is that boy? Can you tell me where that homeless dog is?" Jordan's mother yelled for Daniel all over the house, but she couldn't find him.Jordan sighs and replied his frantic mum, "I haven't seen him this morning, perhaps he's still sleeping." "Sleeping?” Jordan flinched when she yelled. “At this time?” she pointed to the clock then marched towards the garage where they provided a small space for Daniel to sleep “Does he think he can sleep in anytime he wants?” she rants angrily.Jordan was walking behind his mother and couldn't say anything to her or even calm her down because he was as vexed as she is.When they reached the garage, they saw a tired looking Daniel sleeping on the thin blankets he spread on the floor to keep himself warm to an extent and it infuriated them even."Are you insane?” Jordan’s mum screamed and it woke Daniel who looked like he didn’t know what was going on. “I fed you, clothed you, housed you, and you still want me to wake you up every mor
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Chapter 2
Daniel was perplexed after being humiliated by the sales attendant and the store security, he sat on the bench that was in front of the store as he thought about how to get this product so that Jordan’s mum wouldn’t be angry. Passerby kept staring at him and murmuring but that was the least of his problems.Daniel sighs and shakes his head when the third person he approached to help him get the item looked at him like he was a maniac and walked away quickly from him. No one was willing to help him, the other two that he approached said they will call the cops on him for stealing and trying to implicate them so he had to run away from them to avoid trouble.Some people that knew him said a few jokes about him and some would throw dirt at him as they pass in front of him. Some warned him that if he tried to steal from the executive store he was sitting in front, they will call the cops on him. Daniel lowered his head at how strong the insults were getting and how badly people treat him
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Chapter 3
Daniel felt shaky with a trembling lip and was in so much pain from the beating he got, so he managed to get up on his feet, groans of pain escaped his lips and he just had to breathe in and out slowly because his breathing was constricted.He looked around to see some of the mocking neighbors going into their house, they all did like they didn’t watch him get the beating of his life, it made him angry, his head hanging low to the extent that he felt embarrassed by his own body. he was hanging his head low with tears gathered in his eyes but even more angry that people judge you based on your present situation and didn’t care about anyone who they didn’t benefit from.‘I will be affluent, prosperous, and powerful one day and show all of them not to mess with people or oppress people’ he encouraged himself and walked away from the house.The sky rumbled, and the clouds looked heavy. It was going to rain, so he decided to find a shed to lay for the night because he knew that trying to b
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Chapter 4
Daniel was in his room, nursing the injuries he had gotten from the bouncers a few days earlier. He had been knocked unconscious and had only woken up the previous day to find himself in the small space made for him in the garage of the house.Daniel was glad that he had been allowed back into the house and even given food, but he hadn't had enough time to clean himself properly, considering how badly he was injured. He was still wearing ragged clothes, though they were a bit cleaner than the ones he had been wearing before.When Daniel woke up from his coma, Jordan's mother told him to go to school, even though he was in so much pain. He had to comply. Jordan and his parents were his only hope. Three days after the incident, Jordan's mother asked him to do something else while he was on his way to school. He stood in front of her, waiting for her to speak."This is your last chance," she said, handing him some money. "Get me more groceries, but this time, don't steal them and come
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Chapter 5
Daniel was in a state of disbelief. The man's words had sent a jolt of shock through his entire body, and he couldn't wrap his mind around what was happening. "My father?" he thought to himself, but the words seemed impossible to believe.The man gently pinched his cheek, wiping away the tears that were falling from his eyes. He knew that this news was overwhelming for Daniel, and he wanted to reassure him. He wanted to show him that he was not alone and that he would be there to support him through this life-changing moment.He pulled Daniel into a tight hug, his voice choked with emotion. "'I've been looking for you all these years. Where have you been?'" Daniel still was in shock at what was happening and that he didn’t have the time to process all that was going on. All his life people had stepped on him and made him feel like he had no place in this world, but with the warmth this man brought to him, it gave him some kind of hope.Some people paused to look at the show of affect
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Chapter 6
Daniel still felt overwhelmed with all that happened and how his life suddenly changed but the looks that the customers, the sales attendant and the security had on their faces were priceless and he so badly wanted to laugh in their face and say “In your faces suckers” but fought against it.“Now, I want you to help dress his injuries, give him something to eat, clothes to wear and anything he requests of” King Kingston said then walked in the direction of the manager’s office.Daniel felt like he was living in a dream. Everything that had happened in the last few days felt surreal. He had gone from being a nobody, a penniless man with no family, to learning that he was the son of a wealthy man. And now, he was learning that he was actually the heir to a king! It was like something out of a fairy tale.When he was properly attended to, he told his dad that he wanted to tell Jordan and his family that he wouldn’t require their help anymore, but his father told him not to do that becaus
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Chapter 7
Daniel called their attention again but they ignored him, just then a doctor came to the counter to greet the girls. Both of them looked at him dreamily as they answered him.“How are you doing Dr. Hei?” Jane asked as she traced his hands that lie on the counter. He laughed at her then shook his head.“I am good Jane, how about you?” he asked then winked at Patrice.“Good, now that you are here” she batted her eyelashes.Patrice held his hand then pouted with furrows lining her forehead “I am not a fine doctor, maybe you will like to check me later” she returned the wink and he laughed.“Whatever is wrong with you could be resolved by booking an appointment with the right doctor to check what exactly is wrong with you” he explained to them.He noticed a man bowing his head by the counter and was going to ask about him but Jane took his other hand by distracting him.“We want you to be our appointed doctor so that you can check us really well for any… thing” she grinned.Dr. Hei shook
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Chapter 8
Daniel went home to change his clothes so that he can head to school, he met his dad who asked how his appointment went. He told him how he was respected because he was the heir to Kingston's properties but left out the drama that occurred before the respect was given to him.He instructed his personal driver to take one of the latest cars his father left in his name to take him to school. It had been a while there and he wanted to go in there stylishly.Daniel arrived in no time and instead of letting the driver take him inside the campus, he told him to drop him in front of the campus then entered the school in his new look.Heads turned to him when he stepped into the university’s compound. He had new clothing that had the Kingston’s logo printed on it, his shoes were neat and shining, his injuries well-dressed and neat, his hair gelled to the back like a wealthy man, he was carrying new school bag and overall, he looked like a model that just came out of a photoshoot.Even the per
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