Gregor smith

Back on earth, Ken was always tormented by numerous nightmares, and sometimes he did not even go to sleep and would rather spend his time gaming and chatting with Evan, his best friend. 

He never told anyone of his nightmares, but when he was a kid, his father used to tell him that when a dream kept coming during the night, it meant it was going to take place no matter how unreal it was. 

He doubted his father at some point until he saw the special ad notification on his computer and then the vortex that appeared and sent him to this world to be reincarnated inside the body of another Ken.

To prove his nightmare was real, Ken had to prove his life in this world was dangerous. 

There was magic just like in his dream, and there was also a lot of enemies; normally, they were more powerful than him and would easily kill him if they wanted to, but thank his luck, he managed to get a system. 

Congratulations! You have succeeded in dominating the villain dominance system with your wise thinking and great strategies.

You can now check your status by thinking or calling "Status."

[System inventory with unlimited space has been unlocked.] 

[The system voice assistant has been unlocked.] 

[The system spell lab has been unlocked.] ....[To confirm this, please call the word "status"].

Ken did not waste even a single minute before calling status, and immediately after he said that, his status window appeared in front of him. 

[Name: Ken Smith] [Personality: Still on check] [Mana core: Three-star quality] [Magic cultivation: 1st level, Mana student realm] [Affinity: Flame (70%), Dark (55%),][No of spell: 0] [Spells: ???] [Skill: Dark Heart (Pass.) Beast Apprentice (Act.)] [Inventory][Spell lab] [System shop] 

After looking through his stats, he went on to take a look at the spell lab. 

In the spell lab there were a lot of materials for spells like rhinoceros blood, golden beetle, and a lot more, but since he had not discovered a spell that required those, there was no spell. 

When he clicked the help button, a small window opened at the top right of the spell lab window. 

"After learning a spell, you can upgrade it using the spell lab system." Ken's eyes widened; according to the smith, a spell can only be upgraded if a mage works very hard for it. 

For him to have a spell lab that could help him increase the quality of a spell was already a good thing; however, he noticed another thing at the button. 


The VC is the coin that he could use only with the system, meaning that he could go to the shop and also upgrade spells using the villain coin. 

It was almost the same as videogames except that he was the character now, not like before when he controlled them using gamepads on keys in the keyboard. 

"How do I get VCs?" He asked. 

[Go to the mission window and complete missions to earn VC; you can also earn VC by completing specific tasks.] 

Ken nodded his head; since the system has just been activated, it means all the things he did while in the labyrinth were only considered as him completing the quest to get his system activated. 

He closed the system window, and then he sat in a lotus position and started absorbing mana. 

Mana is the essence of magic; it has its own core called the "mana core," and it also has vessels from which mana flows into the body during mana absorption and a vessel from which mana flows out when a mage is performing a task.

Ken spent his time cultivating mana while Mia was still having second thoughts about the identity of Ken. 

She could not sleep throughout the night, thinking that he might harm her or forcefully defy her; she was afraid of such a thing happening, so she decided to sacrifice her sleep for it. 

The next morning came like a blink of the eye. Mia got up quickly and went on to take care of everything, like preparing breakfast, because she was afraid Ken would be enraged if he didn't find something to do. 

She waited for about three hours; if there was a time measuring device with her, then the time now could be around ten or half past nine, and Ken still hasn't even made a sound. 

"Is he also as great a sleeper as he is an eater?"

"Did he die?"

"Why is he not out yet?" She began to ask herself so many questions that she almost fainted, then she decided to take a bold step and go into his room. 

However, when he knocked, there was no response, and when she opened the door, there was no one inside. Seeing this, she was disappointed and afraid at the same time. 

She is disappointed because she has used her useful time to prepare breakfast for him, and she is afraid because she does not know what is going on with him; he came in unexpectedly and went out unexpectedly as well. 

She sighed and went to do her morning chores. She picked up the long broom and was about to start sweeping the floor when she heard the neighing sound of horses drawing closer. 

Her heart trembled as she took a bold step to the window and peeked through it; behold, it was a war horse with the emblem of the Smith family. 

"The Smith family?" 

Her heart trembled at the sight of the emblem on the horses; normally, she would not be afraid seeing them, but at the moment they were heading towards her house, the look on their faces was not friendly at all. 

They reached the front of her house, and the young man riding the horse accumulated the wind under his feet to hover in the air till he reached her doorstep. 

He knocked, and Mia feared the worst as she opened the door to see the unfriendly face of the person knocking. 

"My name is Gregor Smith, the eldest son of the Smith main family," Gregor took out a card from his pocket and displayed it before Mia's eyes. "We are looking for him." We found some traces of him approaching this place. If he is inside right now, I advise you to go get him, or things might escalate to something you are not able to comprehend. "The world lacks a pretty lady these days." 

He was clearly flirting with her, but she was in no mood to think about that as her safety was on the line. The person in the card was none other than Ken! 

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