"It will take two more of the beast apprentices to be able to completely make the rock lighter, but I might die of hunger before that time." Ken let out a deep breath in his heart as he sat down and diligently meditated to increase the amount of mana in his mana core. 

He could not speak of reaching level 2 of the Mana student realm this way, because to reach level 2, the amount of mana in your nana core should be able to be double that of level 1, which was impossible considering that he was always using mana each time after cultivating, and at the moment he could not even make plans for that. 

Nevertheless, this time his absorption was a little faster, and he was finally able to make the wall thinner in such a way that it would be easy to fall down that part of the cave with just his punch. 

He absorbed more mana than before, and after that he stood up, his eyes letting out a dark glint as he used beast apprentice on a strength-type beast called the Copper-horned Bull, Ken commanded the bull to use all its strength to fall down the cave. 

Outside, there was only one guardian who was laying on a wooden bench, snoring loudly. When he waved his hand to chase the fly that was disturbing him, a loud sound that caused a turmoil resounded across the area surrounding the labyrinth. 

The turmoil was so strong that it caused the bench he was sitting on to vibrate, and he almost fell. The old man immediately stood on his feet and struggled to open his sleepy eyes. 

However, what he saw was something he wasn't even expecting in the slightest. 

Behold, the cave that trapped the demonic beast has been torn down on one part, and more than three large demonic beasts were escaping. 

"What the?" He was so surprised; something like this has never happened before, and with the number and strength of these demonic beasts, it would be impossible to take care of them. 

And if he doesn't, it would be dangerous to the Smith family. 

The old man started chanting the magic language, and in the ground, large water chains with sharp ends started shooting up, aiming at those demonic beasts. 

He also took out a small trumpet from his pocket and blew it; the trumpet resounded across the whole resistance in a moment with a large moment and intensive forces. 

The younger generation of the Smith family leaving in their homes heard the turmoil and then the trumpet sounding; their eyes widened, and they were unable to hold their breath for fear. 

Ken smirked from where he was after seeing the panicky look on the face of the old man; however, after the trumpet sounded, he immediately climbed onto the back of a dark crane and immediately flew out of the cave through the large hole in the cave.

The old man caught a glimpse of him and said, "He's alive!" "I can't let him leave; this bastard must have used his demonic power to resurrect and seek revenge by causing all these demonic beasts to escape." He chanted quickly and shot several water arrows towards Ken. 

"Old man, I wasn't going to let anyone who saw me escaping leave; sorry, you have to die." Ken let out a cold breath in his heart. 

His link with the copper-horn bull is still on, so he commanded it to kill the old man. 

The bull was already far away, escaping, but after receiving command from Ken through their temporary link, it made a u-turn, tearing down all the cabins before using its extremely sharp horns to tear down the man who could not move because he could not predict the attack. 

Ken grinned devilishly as the dark crane flew him away. 

The patriarch, Jack Smith, was quickly informed of what was happening with the demonic beast in the labyrinth. 

He is the strongest person in the Smith family; he was already a 3-star mage and is on the verge of reaching 4-star soon. 

He immediately summoned his magic pet, an emerald-colored battle horse, and flew towards the labyrinth. 

On his way, he could see the dust that had gathered until it almost reached the clouds, as well as catch a glimpse of the beast raging through the ground. They all wanted to escape. 

Three young smiths were in their respective rooms practicing when they suddenly heard the trumpet. They ran out, and to their greatest surprise, there was a large army of demonic beasts coming from behind them. 

"Oh, ancestors of the Smith family, save this lowly one." 

"I don't want to die; somebody save me." 

"Somebody save me.. wahhhh!" 

They were running for their lives, praying that a savior in shining armor should fly down from wherever they were and take care of their fears. 

Their prayers were answered, but there was no savior in shining armor; the savior was instead Patrick, who took down the three demonic beasts with just one spell. 

"You guys wake up the others and take them out of here." He instructed the three of them, who stood in ceremony after seeing him arrive. 

"Yes, patriarch, we will do just as you said." His presence in front of them was so strong that they felt like fainting from pressure. 

Jack Smith nodded his head at their response, filled his right hand with mana, and then used his hands to take down the demonic chicken that Ken had used earlier.

The strength behind that single punch was so powerful that the chicken gave up the ghost immediately. 

His eyes looked ahead of him to see that he still has a lot of work to take care of, he gritted his teeth and let out the f word. 

The other old guardian has arrived, and wa wailing the death of his fellow assistant when he suddenly got grinded to flesh paste when one demonic beast stepped on his body. 

The two guardian that could have protected this from happening are dead already. 

The mages in the Jack family but inside and outside the compound started rushing toward the labyrinth area, they joined in the fight and won. 

When they checked out everything, they suspected that Ken might have used his demonic power to control the demonic beast into causing a chaotic atmosphere and then he used this chaos to flee. 

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