A small conversation.

Adam was sitting on a wooden table behind the house, eating his big breakfast while surrounded by trees, flowers, and whistling birds. The rich sunlight bathed him in its warmth and its wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiations. “Birdy didn’t wake up yet?! He sure doesn’t miss Gem.” He said stuffing his face with more food, He stopped focusing on chewing much, the food would disappear in a few seconds anyway. He was worried about Birdy, it was unnatural for the kid to sleep in.

Birdy used to wake up earlier then every one, Adam would sometime Hear him laughing on the top bed, he thought at first that he was having some weird dream. When he asked him about it, Birdy Said that it was the only time of the day he would quietly enjoy reading his comics.

“That boy is actually quite something! He trained for four hours straight after you went to sleep, not taking any rest until he passed out on the living room’s floor.” Keet informed Adam while aiming a barrage of scanners and detectors at
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