151 - Right now, I need you

The news of their forthcoming child was still fresh in their minds as they sat down to discuss their imminent wedding. The room was filled with a sense of exhilaration, excitement, and anticipation.

The huge dining table was strewn with various wedding catalogs, color palettes, floral arrangements, and tentative guest lists.

Risa, brimming with an ethereal glow from her pregnancy, was a picture of excited expectancy. Her green eyes sparkled with a mix of joy and anxiety, her fingers fluttering across the catalog pages as she attempted to decide on the most fitting color code for their nuptials.

"Aiden, what do you think of this one?" She pointed towards a palette that was an array of earthy colors, inspired by nature.

Aiden leaned over to see what she was indicating, his gaze falling on the hues of deep forest green, soft brown, and a touch of gold. He studied it for a moment, his blue eyes reflecting the colors she chose.

"It's perfect, Risa. It truly reflects who we are, connected
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