150 - A perfect fit


'When am I never ready?' Gregg replied in his thoughts, but instead of going along that line of thought, he gave her a tender smile as he brushed her hair away from her face and planted soft kisses on her cheeks and along her jawline.

"You're my dream girl." He whispered softly into her sensitive ears.

Zin's breath caught in her throat as she looked at Gregg with a surprised smile. He had said that to her countless times before in different ways and situations, but it felt different coming from him now. He wasn't saying it because it was something he wanted her to do. It was simply how he saw her.

With an easy grace, Zin disrobed, letting her clothes fall to the floor until she was wearing nothing but a sheer white slip of lingerie that accentuated her curves and accentuated her light pink nipples that were already hardening beneath the thin fabric.

"Must have been the flour and grease on them," Zin teased with a playful smirk, stripping off the remaining clothing as quickly a
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