10. Giant Bird vs Adorable Sheep

Thanks to Reynard's diversion, the villagers found it easier to push through waves of beasts relying on their advantage in terms of quantity. Even if there were many beasts, an attack from a group of adults could not be underestimated, some of them even managed to kill the beasts relying on makeshift weapons.

Unity and cooperation certainly played a big role in their success. Nothing was more important than protecting their own families from beast attacks, so they racked their brains and thought of how they could deal with a horde of beasts without taking too many casualties.

While Reynard ran further into the forest, he could estimate how strong the three large birds chasing him were from the strength of their grip, so he tried to minimize the damage to the village facilities and just in case there might be other people affected by the three birds' attacks.

Attacking them in the forest or in a field with no one around was definitely the best option he could think of. He also wanted t
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