Transmigration AND System

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Transmigration AND System

By: Shame_less007 OngoingHarem

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What would you do if your soul transmigrated to another with a system? And you have a hot neighbour and also her daughter and they want to become your lover. Will you ignore them or will make love with them. Read as Jhon makes love with his hot neighbour and her daughter along the way becoming the strongest man.

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  • Alvin


    so when is the next update????

    2023-10-06 21:06:10
  • David Findora


    More chapters please one of my favorites

    2023-08-22 09:00:07
  • Jov Tadena


    update please ...

    2022-06-10 18:13:36
  • WilliamOkine5


    nice story more chapters please

    2022-05-29 08:35:54
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132 chapters
Kelvin was watching naruto. It was the final episode where Naruto and Sasuke were fighting with each other. They both cast their ultimate ninjutsu. As the ninjutsu collided there was a loud sound, and then Raj felt as his whole body was numb. And then he looked at the source was his TV had blown as a lightning strike. Kelvin felt his consciousness fading and his last thought was," damm, I couldn't find who won in the last place", thinking so his consciousness faded away. Inside the forest, a body was lying. The body was generally lean and thin, but his face was handsome. There were several bruises and wound on his body. After some time the boy opened his. He looked at his surroundings and then thought," shouldn't I be at the hospital, now I still have to watch naruto last episode. Who won the match, Naruto or Sasuke", thinking so he began to move his hand when he felt pain in his body. Feeling the pain I became completely awake and then looked at my surroundings and found there wer
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Gift Pack
Then I thought for a while and then said," system open the gift pack".Hearing my words system said," congratulations to the host for activating the space system, here you can store your things the current space is 4/5. The gift pack is opened"."Congratulations to host for getting a hidden weapon throwing skill *1"."Congratulations to host for getting Chakra Cultivation Method *1"."Congratulations to host for getting master of unarmed fighting techniques*1".I heard the system voice and I was dazed for a while and then became excited. Then I began to look at the skills which were stored in the system space. I said," system I want to learn all those three skills".Hearing my words system said," okay host".I only felt my head was very painful as the memory was being transferred into my mind and then after some time the pain subsided. Now I had memories of all types of throwing weapon techniques. I also had learned chakra cultivation. This means in a few days I will be able to use ni
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Transmigration AND SystemFreeUpdated in 2022-02-08 08:03:501017WordsForestAs I entered the door, I saw my neighbour was struggling against a group of men, who had surrounded her and her daughter, whose name was Ava. My neighbour said," you group of people leave us alone, we have already given you money".Hearing my neighbours words the people laughed and said," I don't want money, what I want is you both. I was asked by the leader to bring you to him after he plays with you both, we will enjoy you later", and then the people started laughing.Hearing their words my eyes became cold, I came instantly near the person who said the words and grabbed his neck and picked him up above the ground. Seeing the change the people were surprised and then stunned. I looked at them and said," you see I don't like to kill people, but you guys touched my bottom line so", saying that I crushed the person's neck. Then the whole room only heard a crack sound and then the body fell lifelessly. Seeing
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Harry Potter Tent
Transmigration AND SystemFreeUpdated in 2022-02-08 08:04:381069WordsHarry Potter TentAfter walking for half an hour we were inside the forest and soon we reached the small waterfall, which looked beautiful in the evening time and made the scene a little romantic. My neighbour and Ava exclaimed at the same time," so beautiful", while I also nodded my head.Then my neighbour whose name was Alina looked at me and said," John do you remember the things you told me when the people's were present".I blushed hearing Alina's word and said," miss I was joking".Hearing my words Alina said," but I took your words seriously, so tonight you need to satisfy me or else I will look for another man", saying so she looked at me with provocation.I looked at her and said," if I satisfy you, will you not leave me and go to another man".Hearing my words Alina nodded and said," of course, you see the people in our world can live as long as 300 years and now I am still young, so I want to live with
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Magic Tent
After getting a reply from the system I decided to take a look at the devil fruit. So I said," System show me the list of devil fruit".The system said," okay host please look at the list", saying so it displayed me a list of devil fruits.Then I began to look at it. It shows.WIND DEVIL FRUITS- 500 POINTS (99% DISCOUNT)FIRE DEVIL FRUIT- 50,000 POINTSEARTH DEVIL FRUIT- 50,000 POINTSLIGHTING DEVIL FRUIT- 50,000 POINTSWATER DEVIL FRUIT- 50,000 POINTSLooking at the five devil fruits I questioned," System can you tell me why are there only five devil fruits and also why did you give wind devil fruit discount?".The system replied in a mechanical tone," host your power is not high enough to unlock other devil fruits. Please upgrade as soon as possible. Host the wind devil fruit is the best fruit at starting stage. As if you can master the power of devil fruit then you kill anyone by creating a vacuum zone. So please, master the fruit's abilities as soon as possible host".Hearing the
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Bandit Leader
So I went to the bathroom and looked at my dick. It was black and it had become 10 centimetres long when in sleeping mode. When it became hard its size increased to 20 centimetres. Its circumference had increased to 4 I'm in diameter. It looked like a f*cking monster that would make the women go crazy.After looking at my dick I felt satisfied. Then I decided to buy wind devil fruit for 500 points. After that, I asked," system will there be any side effects after eating the devil fruits".The system said," no side effects, except its taste, is very bad. You need to take a bite and then it will melt with your body".I listened to the system explanation and then took a bite and felt nauseous. I tried to throw it out but the fruit melted with my body in the blink of an eye. There were various changes in my body That I needed to see it.JOHN STR-8DEX-10INT-10CONST-10CHAKRA-0/500SKILLS- FARMING, HIDDEN WEAPON (MASTERY), UNARMED FIGHTING (MASTERY).CULTIVATION- CHAKRA CULTIVATIONDEVI
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Status And Hunting
Saying so he dismissed the subordinates present. Then he tore her dress and began to ravage her pussy while his son f*cked her anal hole. After that both of them creampie her. But after having sex the women's body stopped moving and soon it fell on the ground. The body became a skeleton in the blink of an eye.Then the bandit leader said," son you wasted on more women. Now I have to look for another one".His son chuckled and said," Father you will never lack women. Ask uncle so send some more to us".The bandit leader and his son were from the devil sect. This type of sect uses human beings as sacrifices to cultivate themselves. They are enemies of all races. So if anyone found out that they are of the devil sect then they would be given the most painful punishment.---------------------------------------While after absorbing the knowledge from the encyclopedia I felt like my mental power had increased so I checked my status again.It showed-JOHN STR-8DEX-10INT-50CONST-10CHAKR
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Hot Dinner
Then I placed the food in the dining hall whereas my mom and sis were taking baths together.Alina said," Ava you look beautiful".Ava blushed and said," mom don't say it you look more beautiful than me. Especially at your age hardly any man can resist your temptation", saying so she stopped and then continued," mom can you tell me why do you want to make love with John".Mom said," when I saw John today I felt that he was a completely different person. If we become his women then maybe in future he can teach us the cultivation method, so we can protect ourselves in future and share some burden with him and also he was an orphan".Ava said," yes mom, this world is chaotic enough. If we women have beautiful faces and no cultivation then our fate will be worse than a prostitute".Mom said," yes, but after we make love with him we must not tell that we are looking for a cultivation method as it will make our neighbours more pressured. So when he will grow powerful enough, maybe at that w
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Wind Charkra Blade
After making love with Alina and Ava and also transforming their bodies so that they could practice or level up like me, I walked out of the tent and moved near the waterfall then I called them and then decided to practice the wind blade technique. Then I concentrated and began to feel as if my body has become on with the wind. As soon as I thought and began to feel it. I entered into a mysterious state. In this state, I felt that I had become one with the wind. I felt my body had become light as a feather. And then I began to imagine that the winds are gathering at my palm. As soon as I began to think then I felt the wind was blowing into my palm. Then after three seconds, I felt enough wind has been gathered on my palm. Next, I visualised that the wind is changing into a sharp blade. It took me some time to make it almost half an hour. Then after I created the wind blade I felt the connection to it as I can control it as I wish. After that, I targeted the wind blade at the dead tree
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The Bandit Son
After waiting for half an hour there was movement near the entrance of the forest. The leading person was only twenty years old. And behind him were 30 subordinates. The young man whispered, "to go out and look for clues and then gather near the waterfall".Then I saw everyone scattered around. Seeing this I felt I could easily kill this group of people so I went towards the farthest group of five people. After that, I waited for some time and then saw they divided and began to search for clues. Seeing this I was overjoyed and then I used normal kunai to cut off their neck and hide their bodies. With two minutes five people were killed. Now only 26 people were left. So I decided to look for the nearest group of people. They were two hundred meters apart. So I went near them and began to look for opportunities to assassinate them. In this way, I continued to hunt the group of people until only ten people remained and they looked at the surrounding with wary expressions as the people w
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