The Bullied Man's Hidden Legacy

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The Bullied Man's Hidden Legacy

By: Zalejand OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Zachary yearned to attend a prestigious university. However, Zachary's journey to a simple life was far from easy. Despite his reserved demeanor, he found himself constantly targeted by bullies who took pleasure in tormenting and belittling him. Now, he has set his sights on his ultimate revenge against those who sought to bring him down.

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Banking on a Solution
Zachary stood outside the Pinnacle Institute of Commerce, admiring the imposing black brick gate with the large yellow letters reading "Pinnacle Institute of Commerce." The tall fence, made of dried leaves, stretched out on both sides, enveloping the entire schoolyard. The sound of car engines filled the air as students arrived, eager to start their day. As he took in the sights and sounds, Zachary couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Holding his admission ticket tightly in his hand, he thought about the journey that led him here. The memories of the torture and ridicule from Nathanael Chapman and others still lingered, but Zachary pushed those thoughts aside. He was finally at the university of his dreams and ready to start this new chapter. The sun began to rise higher, its bright rays shining directly on Zachary's face. He raised his hand to shield his eyes, taking a quick step forward to escape the sun's gaze. Suddenly, he collided with another student wal
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Standing Up for a Friend
Zachary felt annoyed at Rashad's words, but he appreciated Malaya's intervention. "I am interested in purchasing this phone, and I can afford it," he said, trying to keep his voice calm. Malaya smiled at Zachary. "Of course, I'm happy to help. What questions do you have about this phone?" Meanwhile, a rich-looking man had been browsing the store and liking the same phone model. As he approached the counter to make his purchase, Rashad couldn't resist taking another jab at Zachary. "Looks like this guy can't keep up with the big spenders. But you, sir, can certainly afford the best," he said, turning his attention to the wealthy customer. Due to Malaya's respect for him, Zachary was determined to purchase the phone he had set his sights on. Malaya allowed him to process his payment and handed him the card reader. Zachary inserted his card and began the transaction, but a red error message soon appeared on the screen. Rashad raised an eyebrow and looked at Zachary skeptically. "It s
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The Amusement Park
The scene with the group of bullies reminded Zachary of a similar experience in high school. Back then, he had been the victim of bullying, but Kolby was the only one who were friends with him. It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to Zachary, who had always felt alone and powerless. Now that Kolby was in trouble, Zachary felt it was his turn to step in and repay the favor. Without thinking twice, he rushed to Kolby's aid, determined to protect him from the bullies. He lunged forward and tackled the leader, sending him to the ground. The group of bullies was surprised. They didn't know who Zachary was, so they didn't attack him. "Who are you?" the leader asked with wide eyes. "Are you his friend?" he gestured, referring to Kolby. Zachary remained silent, knowing he was in a dangerous situation, surrounded by the leader's friends. "I am his friend," Zachary said firmly. "I won't sit idly by while you bully him. Leave him alone and go your separate ways." The leader of the bu
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Desperate Hideaway
As the appointed time approached, Zachary made his way to the meeting spot, eager to hear what Emma had to say. As he arrived, he saw that a crowd had gathered in the fountain, but he ignored them and focused on finding Emma. Sure enough, he spotted her standing by the fountain. However, he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Emma holding a lighter. She's at the center of the commotion, giving him a mysterious smile. Suddenly, she leaned to the right, and Zachary saw a neatly arranged pile of money on the ground. His heart pounded as he saw another student lifting a sign that read "Zachary's Dirty Money." Zachary was stunned and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Zachary rushed over to Emma, but it was too late. Emma had already set the stack of bills on fire. His heart was pounding, and he felt a mix of heartbreak and anger. The guy holding the board pushed him away despite his attempts to put out the flames. "Why would you do that?!" Zachary exclaimed, tears streaming down
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A Surprising Gift
Zachary paused, thinking back to the heartbreak and injustice he had experienced as an ordinary person. He knew they would continue to harm others if he didn't stand up."All right, I'll come back," he finally said to the butler.As he turned to leave, he saw three sleek Mercedes cars pull up, followed by a group of guards who quickly bowed to him."Sorry to keep you are waiting, sir," the head of security said, opening the door of the middle car for Zachary.Zachary climbed into the car. Then he asked the driver to take him to a phone store he had previously visited.As he entered the store, Zachary spotted Rashad and a surprised smile crossed Rashad's face. "Well, if it isn't you," he said, chuckling. "Are you here to return the phone?"Zachary shook his head. "No, actually, I'm here to buy a new phone," he said calmly. Rashad raised an eyebrow. "Another one? Do you want a cheaper phone? I'm sorry to say that your phone is the cheapest." Zachary ignored and asked, "Where's Malaya?
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The Showdown at the Display
It was evident that Zachary's clothes were much cheaper than Kash's, consisting of just a T-shirt and shorts. Zachary seemed comfortable in his attire, but Kash's comment made him aware of the contrast between them. It also made him realize that he hadn't changed his style even though he was the heir. In any case, Zachary had no intention of changing his style anytime soon. Paige recognized Zachary and expressed her surprise, "I remember this guy. Is he a target of the Nathanael bullies?"Kash sneered and said, "Yeah, that's him. Unfortunately, he spent his money foolishly, and now he's back to being a poor guy. A cleaner." Zachary replied, "I'm not an employee here." Kash looked surprised and asked, "Then why are you here? Are you looking to buy an apartment? Even if you had a few thousand dollars left, you wouldn't be able to afford an apartment here. Do you understand?" As a result, Kash asserts that Zachary is an idiot for wasting scholarship and not awareness the value of
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The Fateful Night
The city's annual Economic Summit is a glamorous event that attracts students, business leaders, and the elite. While it's meant to be an informative and educational conference, the focus on appearance has become overwhelming recently, with attendees feeling pressure to wear expensive and luxurious outfits in order to appear successful and influential.A white, luxurious tablecloth drapes over a round table, with a few wine glasses poised atop it. Nathanael Chapman's group of friends gather around the table, their laughter and conversation filling the air as they enjoy their drinks together. "It's wonderful; let's give it our all today. Request a few more bottles of whisky." From head to toe, Nathanael Chapman is always dressed in expensive, branded clothing. Nathanael Chapman waved his hand in refusal: "Wait, everyone. Let's stop drinking for a moment and play some games. It's not fun if we drink too much before the party starts." One of Nathanael Chapman's trusted friends, sitt
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From Humiliation to Triumph
As Nathanael spoke, the crowd grew more and more suspicious of Zachary. They murmured amongst themselves, trying to make sense of the situation. The MC girl also looked uneasy as she tried to figure out how this young man, who seemed so poor and out of place, could have just placed such a large bid. The MC girl asked, her voice trembling slightly. "May I ask your name, please?" Zachary stepped forward with a smirk on his face. "I'm Zachary. Yeah, I'm a poor student. But fortunately, I just won six million dollars in the lottery," he said As soon as Zachary spoke, the room erupted in laughter. People snickered and chuckled, exchanging amused glances with each other. However, Nathanael's expression was stone-cold. He stood there, seething with anger, as he realized that he had been humiliated in front of everyone. "This is a joke, right?" Nathanael spat out, his voice filled with disdain. "You expect us to believe that you just won six million dollars in the lottery?" Zachary smile
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An Unexpected Reunion
The following day, when Zachary walked through the schoolyard to class, he heard someone call out his name. “Zach!”It was Kolby."At the event yesterday, Nathanael got arrested for embezzlement. It was all over the news this morning," Kolby said, looking both surprised and amused.Zachary felt a wave of relief wash over him. After everything Nathanael had put him through, it was almost satisfying to see him finally get what he deserved. "Well, he had it coming," Zachary said, trying to keep the satisfaction out of his voice.Kolby looked at Zachary curiously. "Hey, by the way, why would you spend five million dollars on something like that yesterday? If I were you, I wouldn't even go to university anymore," he said, his voice tinged with disbelief.Zachary just smiled enigmatically, refusing to answer. He knew that Kolby wouldn't understand the true significance of his purchase. "I had my reasons," he said simply.Kolby shook his head, still looking confused. "Well, whatever. Do you
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The Party of Confrontation
Zachary stumbled over his words, caught off guard by Griffin's sudden appearance. "Uh, no, I was just looking for the restroom," he finally managed to say, gesturing toward the door behind him. Rolling his eyes, Griffin turned to Emma. "Let's get back to the party," he said. As Griffin turned to leave, Emma's expression quickly shifted to annoyance as she caught sight of Zachary, and she turned around to follow Griffin without saying a word. Zachary quickly left the restroom and returned to the main hall. The party was in full swing, with guests mingling and chatting as they enjoyed the festivities. Suddenly, there was a commotion near the entrance as Kash stormed into the room, his eyes locked on Zachary. "You liar!" he shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Zachary. "You think you can fool everyone with your little act, but I know the truth!" Everyone turned to look at Zachary, who looked taken aback by the sudden outburst. "What are you talking about?" he asked, clearly confu
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