Monarch Thompson’s castle looked large, its ancient walls towering high. Its walls were beautifully crafted with designs and ancient drawings that made the ambiance very interesting.

The gates were high and large, made of iron, and loomed over the other surrounding buildings.

Jude’s heart was beating fast as he was now close to the castle. Monarch Thompson had released him from Prison so that he could help deal with Paul and run a few errands for him.

Monarch Thompson was quite jealous of Paul and the jealousy heightened after the last event where Paul’s grandfather, Grandmaster Leonard announced him as the head of the Imperial Society Syndicate.

Grandmaster Leonard had always had a tough relationship with the monarch and oftentimes he would try to appease the monarch by gifting him lands or even building houses for him.

Grandmaster Leonard feared that without such sacrifices, the Monarch would make it difficult for him to run his companies appropriately. Monarch Thompson had a l
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