Unearthing Gems from the Trash Heap

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Unearthing Gems from the Trash Heap

By: Mozak writes Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Being a worker at a restaurant, Darren Walter has always been insulted and referred to as a trash bag. Always living as a servant at his in-laws house, Darren never for once voice out his displeasure or hurt, Instead he kept all to himself. However, everything changed when he was suddenly called upon by his mother in law from his workplace to the mansion and saw his wife with another man engaged in a disheartening situation. With a shattered heart, he was chased away by his wife and mother in law. Just when he felt like ending his meaningless life, he got an alert of two hundred million dollars! With that sudden wealth, watch how a trash heap like Darren, suddenly becomes an unearthing gem.


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    Hey Lovelies, this is your author. I'm a new writer and this is my first book on Meganovel. kindly drop your review about what you think about it and I'll gladly appreciate. Thank you.

    2023-08-23 18:49:59
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57 chapters
The Useless Waiter
"Hey, are you blind or something?" Darren heard someone speak, loudly in an angry voice.He turned his head and saw a furious lady glaring at him furiously. He darted his eyes wondering why he was being shouted upon. He knew he hadn't done anything wrong so what was the lady glaring at him with a dagger look?"Why are you staring at me? Your filthy shoulder touched my outfits and yet, you are still staring at me without apologizing." She hissed at him with disgust.Darren's confused expression was so apparent and all he wanted to do was to just quickly apologize to the lady, as he knew he would be done if the issue escalated.He was only working as a waiter at the restaurant as he needed to earn a living, so if a problem occurs just because of this lady, then he doesn't know what he will end up doing.It would be so devastating if such a small issue resulted in him being dismissed. He won't even know what to do if it escalates."Without wasting time, he quickly spoke up. "Ma'am, I don
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Zara, who was seated on the man's lap, quickly jumped up as she heard her name being called upon by a familiar voice. With panic and fear in her eyes, she turned her head slowly wishing it wasn't who she was thinking it was. However, her heart faltered seeing Darren watching her with disbelief and disappointed expression. A trace of guilt and shame lingered in her eyes for a while, before she opened her mouth to speak."D… Darren, I'm… I'm sorry, it's not what you are thinking." She quickly tried to explain herself as she knew that was the only way she could think of to get away from this mess.Darren almost burst out in anger as he watched Zara lying without feelings. He wondered if Zara takes him as a fool that she feels he would believe her words after seeing everything clearly with her own eyes."Are you even listening to your words? Do you think I'm a child that you could just lie to and I would believe?" Anger filled his expression as he asked."Darren, you just need to trust m
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The latest Billionaire
He was beyond shocked and perplexed at the same time, could he be dreaming? His whole mind was flooding with different thoughts as he gazed at his screen with total disbelief and amazement."This must surely be a prank." He couldn't help but exclaim within himself. Even if he wanted to accept the alert was real, he couldn't just bring himself to accept it as he was having a dubious mind. Could it be a prank? Is this real?Different waving answers came to his mind and at a point, he decided not to think about it again. He placed his phone back into his pocket and kept on walking on the lonely street with no vivid destination. He doesn't know where and when he will stop, but all he knows is that he just needs to keep walking.With his feet walking and his mind in distress and thought, his phone rang. He checked the caller id and saw an unknown number. With a little doubt in him, he picked up the call and a young voice could be heard from the phone."Young master.""Young master? Who is
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You again, Mr. Waiter?
"You need one and I'm not taking no for an answer." He heard his dad say, but this time he only nodded, as he reasoned his thought.Darren raised his head with a questioning gaze. "Where will I be staying?"Seeing the question as normal, Jason didn't waste time replying. "Of course, this is your house so you will be staying here." Darren's face fell instantly. "I don't think it's right of me to spend the night here." He looked so awkward knowing that he would be spending the night at his dad's mansion when they had just met. So even with what Jason suggested, he wasn't willing.Hearing Darren's words, Jason didn't take it as offensive. He could see the hesitation in his eyes, but he just wasn't going to agree with Darren's thought. This was his house which equally means Darren's home, so it was wrong if he agreed with his son's words by letting him leave."No, no, no, like I said earlier. You're not going anywhere." His words filled with a resolute gaze Darren sighed in exasperatio
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The Black Card Palava
One of the salesgirls could predict where this whole thing would end up, so she quickly moved forward and smiled, concealing her disdainful look.As the salesgirl approached them, while at the same time, trying to conceal her smugness as she asked, "Can I help you with something, sir?" She acted as though she wasn't aware of what had happened earlier.Darren could notice the salesgirl's pretense but he chose to act oblivious since the salesgirl wasn't showing it.So he also replied politely, "Yes, I'm looking for some new clothes, something stylish but not too flashy."She gave him a condescending smile, "Of course, sir. Let me show you our latest collection."As she brought out a few clothing items, she couldn't resist making a snide remark about his appearance, "You know, these clothes are quite expensive. They might not be within your budget." She stylishly remained with him, making sure her words weren't as disdainful as the salesgirl who had almost flared up.Darren felt a pang o
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The rude Receptionist
When they both got back to the Walter mansion, no one was present except for his Dad. He strode forward to him, with a smile. It was obvious that his happiness was fulfilled and he couldn't ask for more.Holding the bag, he sat down. "These are the clothes I shopped for. They are not the most expensive but they are not bad either." A flash of a smile appeared on his face as he spoke, making his handsomeness glittering more.Jason glances at the bags and uses his eyes to inspect the clothes in it. "Wow, the clothes look good and like you said, they ain't bad. Go change and come back downstairs.""Alright." Darren took the bag and ran upstairs to change into one of the clothes. He didn't bother changing into expensive outfits, instead, he wore less expensive ones.After he was done changing, he went back downstairs to still see his Dad seated in the exact position as before.When Jason noticed Darren standing and staring at him, he motioned for him to come closer. "Come here." Hearing
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The Rude Receptionist 2
The harsh judgments from the receptionist were undoubtedly bad and Darren felt quite offended. Whereas, the hotel was something he could afford to buy with just a phone call. Despite it being a huge hotel he chose to maintain his dignity."What did you just say?" He asked, after regaining his thought back. A snarled scowl appeared on her face as she scoffed. "Yes, you heard me right, how can a trash person with an appearance like this decide to book a room at a seven-star hotel like this, or didn't you read the sign board outside before entering the hotel with your worthless legs." Her eyes were fixed on his leg as she spoke."My clothes?" He questioned, of course, his clothes were not cheap but expensive so what is she saying?" Yes, the outfits you are wearing aren't fit for a customer of his hotel. You have to dress as someone worthy, if not how would you be able to pay for an expensive room here."Darren wanted to argue and tell her that his clothes ain't cheap, as she claims, b
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Hell no! He can't be the young Master.
To say Darren was amazed is an understatement. He couldn't believe his ears. They wanna beat him go into a stupor? Did he steal his master's money? He may once have been a waitress but currently, he could control thousands of people with just a call.Darren kept watching how they would beat him up as promised. He had the chance of calling Easton but he chose not to."Call Carl for me! He needs to deal with his riffraff" the manager, whose name was Stella Instructed the receptionist. Within a twinkle of an eye, she rushed out to call Carl, who happened to be the head of the hotel security officers."He is on his way ma'am" the receptionist uttered upon her arrival.Darren stood in Akimbo, he was finding it difficult to digest the whole situation but still found it somehow interesting because he was waiting for who would dare to beat up a billionaire."Is he the one?" Carl asked, with a hoarse voice. Darren raised his head to find a hefty man closer to him. He was very huge like a hippo
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Marry me, young lady.
It's another day! Darren woke up early and cleaned up for the day. He entered his mini dressing room to pick up what to wear since he couldn't wear what he wore the other day.Firstly, he picked one of the latest designers that was worth a hundred million dollars and wanted to put it in but on second thought, he dropped it and picked a simple white shirt with black trousers. They may also cost a fortune but it wasn't obvious and resembled one of the simple wears that are sold on the street side."Good morning young master" Easton greeted and halted immediately he sighted what he was putting on."Good morning Easton. I don't remember calling you, why are you here so early this morning?" Darren questioned, thinking if Easton didn't sleep at all."I'll be taking you out wherever you are going, so I need to wake up early. If I may ask, why are you putting on this dress when you have lots of designers that will make thousands of people bowing for you with your dress only?" Easton was amaze
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A shelter is all what I need.
Darren was staring at Anita, seeing the shock on her face made him recall how Zara offered him the same deal, two years ago. He has no intention of getting so much attached to Anita but who knows, that may save her life. If Zara had met him earlier and offered him the deal earlier, he may still have his mother Right beside him, hale and healthy.Anita was perplexed, she just met a stranger and he is willing to get married to her for her health's sake. Is that how people got married?"Excuse me mister, but have we met before? Coz I'm trying to recall where I've seen your face but my brain isn't working as expected." She finally found her voice and asked the question."Do we need to meet before I can help you? There is no problem if you don't want my help. Take care and be safe" Darren responded and wanted to make his way out of Anita's ward when Anita's voice stopped him."What do you want in return?" She questioned, still shocked by the whole Palava. Her boyfriend of three years just s
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