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When Churchill left the mountain , he saves an old man on the plane he was looked down upon because if his shabby dressing and wretched life. He had come to America to study and also to meet his girlfriend Meena surprisingly, but caught her cheating right infront of him. The old man looks for Churchill for full body examination and later asked Churchill to marry his granddaughter Julia but she denied that Churchill is not her class.


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With the sky blue and clear, The plane set off to America with a man dejectedly sitting at a corner on one sunny day. He looked so poor and wretched. He had a stinky smell on him that was difficult to ignore. Many passengers were gazing at him with a disgusting face. “Somebody help, there is an old man dying here.” They heard a woman screaming on top of her voice. The flight attendant rushed to the scene and truly to the woman’s words he saw an old man lying on the ground motionless. “ What happened?” he asked the woman in a worried tone. “ I don’t know what happened, he was fine just now. We were all chatting happily when he suddenly went down holding his chest” she said shakily, almost at the verge of shedding tears. “ Calm down Miss, everything is going to be alright,” the attendant comforted her. He took his hands and felt his pulse. “ We thank God he is still breathing,” he sighed in relief. Churchill looked at the scene unveiling quietly studying their every move a
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Dr. Sergio whispered to Julia “ I’m not comfortable with the idea of this man using acupuncture to save your grandfather’s life. If anything happens do not say I did not warn you. “Right now am confused we need to be optimistic about this whole thing Dr. Sergio” Julia cried out.Churchill heard the conversation between Dr. Sergio and Julia, he smiled and walked past them to the ambulance. He asked the guard in the ambulance to excuse him as he prepare for the acupuncture. Dr. Sergio and Julia went inside they watched Churchill as he starts with the acupuncture.Churchill saw that Julia was worried he told her not to worry and that her grandfather will gain consciousness within ten minutes when he is done with the acupuncture. Julia sighed after hearing Churchill’s words “ I’m not sure this young man here has anything better to offer why don’t we hurry and send your grandfather to the hospital… he is just an impoverished man...” said Dr. Sergio “ Hey! Dr. be mindful o
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Bright and sunny weather with a cool breeze, Churchill took a taxi to Lavee's college which is one of the best and most famous schools in America. In the taxi, he looked so happy because he has come to study in America and also to meet his girlfriend who is one year older than him LaVees college has been his dream school since he was a child. Meena was Churchill’s first love he trusted Meena with everything he has” I promise to be good and also take care of myself” Meena made this promise when she was leaving for college. Because of the love and trust Churchill had for Meena, he trusted her words so well and promised the same thing. Meena gained admission before Churchill since she was older than him. Their age difference was not a big issue to them “ Age is just a number” was their motto. When Churchill gained admission at LaVees college he did not inform Meena because he wanted it to be a surprise. “ I can not wait to see Meena. I know she will be very happy to see me
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After a short orientation with the new students, they were sent to their various dormitories “ Here’s you dormitory” a senior told Churchill and other two guys who were going to be his room mates. “ Thank you Sir “ they said“ You’re welcome” the senior replied. Churchill laid on his bed feeling emotionally down and lost in thought he kept wondering about what he saw and his previous experience with her. The others looked around the room with joy as it’s their new day in college. “ I’m Evans and am here to study History” one of his room mates introduced himself. “ Oh that’s nice Hansel is my name am here to study History as well” he smiled as he introduced himself. “ Wow that’s nice” Evans replied. They turned to look at Churchill who was laying on the bed filled with tears, he looked miserable and heartbroken. “ Hey, roomie!” Hansel shouted but Churchill was absent-minded. He went on to tap him on his shoulder “ hey, what’s wrong with you? You seemed worried and lost.”
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Churchill couldn’t say yes when he was asked if he’s the one. He turned to look at Meena with a wild face “ who are you if I may ask? and why are you looking for Churchill?” he asked with enthusiasm. Meena turned to look at Churchill in shock, she was trying to figure out what was going on so she kept cool and observed what was happening. She thought the old man was after Churchill because he has offended or stolen from him at first but looking at the man’s sense of humor she thought otherwise. To clear her doubt in mind she went ahead to ask the man why he was looking for Churchill “ Excuse me, Sir,. please why are you after Churchill? Hope all is well. He didn’t offend you did he? if is like that please forgive him because we can’t afford to stand with you in court Sir.” Meena pleaded. The old man smiled and shook his head “ No my dear is not a thing like that. Are you his sister or relative?” the old man asked Meena looked at Churchill and replied to the man “
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Dr. Maxi who was in charge of Mr. Welly’s health after he was discharged from the hospital He got scared and frightened as a result of Churchill’s loud voice. His hands shook as the pills fell, and the nurse broke the glass of water out of shock. Everyone in the room was angry except for Mr. Welly and the guard who knew Churchill from the plane. Dr. Maxi stood up furiously to look at Churchill for a while without uttering a word. Churchill’s heart skipped a beat as everyone’s eye was on him. He prayed in his thought and felt shy because he wasn’t expecting this to happen. He turned to look at Mr. Wallace who was standing beside him with his two hands behind him “ I hope I didn’t cause any trouble” He whispered to Mr. Wallace. Mr. Wallace shook his head with a wild smile Churchill turned back to look at them with all the courage left in him he greeted them in a low tone “ Good morning everyone. I’m Churchill” he grinned. They all turned back to look at Mr. Welly with n
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Churchill knew the thought of Dr. Maxi that he wants him to feel embarrassed and make the Welly family throw him out of the mansion but he regained his confidence after Mr. Wallace had talked to him. He gathered all the boldness left in him to speak to prove Dr. Maxi wrong in front of everyone “ I can see you are very mad at me for what happened earlier which I have apologized for, But trust me what the old man is going through is not a matter of hospital medications he needs other medications which you as a doctor do not know. .I know for sure after all the screening and scanning in the hospital you were not able to know what is actually wrong with him that is why you brought him back home. Not all diseases need medications from the hospital,. Try that you shouldn’t forget you can’t prescribe a medicine to someone for which you don’t know what the person is going through that is what you are doing now. You are giving our master the wrong medications which can lead to death i
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As they were waiting for a miracle to see their old man stand, Dr. Maxi on the other hand was against it. After coughing and resting for a while Mr. Welly who was laying helplessly on the bed started moving his body from left to right trying to stand on his own but he failed and went back to lie on the bed. They were in a dilemma now since Churchill told them their master was going to stand for 1 minute after taking the medicine. Realizing how things were going he told them not to worry they should give him a few minutes because the medicine he has given him will take time to work as a result of the previously prescribed medicine from the hospital. Dr. Maxi was happy when Mr. Welly started coughing, he moved to the center of the room and said “ I said it but you didn’t believe me now see what he has caused how motionless our old man is. He can’t even open his eyes not to speak of talking I warned you all and I know you won’t blame me if anything should happen to Mr. Welly. It'
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They all held their breath as they waited for what he was about to say.How nervous they all were when they heard this.Churchill saw how worried they all looked and knew he should have taken it easy on them.To scare them like this wasn’t necessary.“Is…is my grandfather not going to be okay?” Julia asked with tears threatening to fall.He looked at her and reassured her with a smile on his face.He walked close to her and said.“I know he ain’t fully healed but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be okay ?”“But you said…” she said “I know what I said. And it is not a hopeless case. He would need to be treated and within a matter of time, he can be healed. That’s all”They all breathe in a sigh of relief after he said this.And he could even see the release and how fast their worried face changed to a happy one.“That’s great news,” said LinaShe walked over to where Mr. Welly laid and took his hands.“Did you hear that father you can be healed “. No one knew whether the tears on her fa
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There she stood in the presence of a bit she nearly knew anything about.He was sad as this was once the girl he knew to love and share with what he had.That is that’s what he thought.But now she looked like a snobbish person who always favour the rich and looked down on the poor.“Meena, who is this, “ her companion asked.Meena looked him from his head to his toes with disgust.Not wanting to annoy her person she decided to say something to help get rid of Churchill before he says something she shouldn’t say.“He is just someone who does not take no for an answer. He has been stalking me for some time now. Declaring his love and affection for me. But I told him then and even now that I’m not in love with him a dim rather in love with another person which are you“.She said with an affectionate look as she looked at him.Will, her companion looked at Churchill with a mocking smile.“You want the woman that I want, “ he said in a mockery voice.“Do you even know why we call it expen
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