Chapter 56: 2-Layer Defense Formation

All of the wristbands glowed and there’s a notification that says: ‘Wave Cleared’.

Everyone sighed in relief.

“Finally!” Frenz uttered.

“But there’s still one more,” Marco said.

“We have 5 minutes before the last wave starts,” Mika pointed out.

“Hayyyy…. 5 minutes? Imma rest for now,” Frenz said. Then, he sat on the ground.

Everybody clumped together in a small circle. They also rested and sat on the ground to wait for the next wave.

“I wonder what the next wave would be? What would be the twist? I mean… the last wave has zombie monsters in it - how about the next wave? What do you think will come out?” Russia stated.

“Hmmm… I don’t know? Maybe all of the monsters that will be spawning this time are zombified variants?” Mario speculated.

“Or maybe giant-sized Willo

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