2 days after the bank robbery, there are still no changes in the crime rate of this city. Well, that’s how it goes. Even though there are police officers around and some military men, heroes are still the one responsible for the peace and order of the world. The men and women in uniforms are just there to maintain the balance. Police do their jobs of the street-level crimes, but if a hero manages to find and caught someone red-handed, then they are to take action immediately. Speaking of catching someone red-handed, Vincent is now in an alleyway and is carrying two criminals who snatched someone’s purse and ran away. The two had knives, so Vincent was forced to knock them out. He called for a police vehicle to bring these two to the station and charge them for the crimes they’ve committed. Vincent brought the purse back to the poor old lady as he then went to go on patrol. He was just made as an official member of the 10th unit. After seeing Vincent’s records in his curre

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