The commander of the 16th division approved of Vincent’s departure immediately since he is either annoyed or just doesn’t care less about him. Vincent will travel to the Central Continent by boat with the monster that’s in this cage and then they’ll take a helicopter to reach the HW of the Amazonian Tigers in Eagle City. It was 4 in the morning and Vincent and the monster is already aboard the boat. Trevor came along without him so that Vincent could have at least someone by his side in that time. Even if it’s Vincent’s sister who is the captain of that squad, Vincent is still impulsive and might do rash decisions, that’s why Trevor needs to be by his leader’s side. The boat then moved on and they started to travel by water. Trevor and Vincent are at this big room on the boat and as Trevor was going to read some magazines, he noticed something that looked weird. He looked at Vincent who is seated across the rooms. He was holding for dear life on the frame of the chair as

Kurt Dp.

Good day! Author here! To those who are wondering, let me tell you that the title of the second book is this, “Vincent Miles: Bears and Dragons”

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