Vincent did not actually tell the two that he is feeling that another power is awakening within him as he is not sure himself. Instead, he kept to himself as this is the best way to not complicate things. After hours of having himself healed, Vincent is now almost back to normal, He is just healing 2 more of his ribs as it was still fractured. While Vincent is now having troubles on creating a new plan, Trevor is just at awe by it because that instead of thinking about his injuries and his near-death experience, he is now thinking about their new next step as his current one has been busted as it was a trap all along. It was like karma was the one who strikes back at Vincent as he planned to sabotage Rafael anyway, and the fact that he has every intention to roast that pig makes him believe that it was karma.

“So, anyone have any bright idea?” Vincent asked as he sat on a sticky and dusty counter of the restaurant.

Trevor stood up and sighed,

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