Peter, who barely escaped from the hands of those bastards is now limping towards the bustling 10th unit station. As he entered, he immediately saw hi family at the assistance desk talking to Trevor. They ran towards Peter as Trevor then called some medics for the kids and Peter. They were then brought into the office of Trevor as he then puts the kids and Peter on a couch to, they can rest after being treated. Peter who was still conscious looked at Trevor with those eyes of someone who just failed. And Trevor immediately knew what happened.

“Is he okay?” Trevor asked.

“At the very least, yes. But he was captured. They will torture him, Trevor. And with that body of his, it won’t be long until he kicks the bucket.” Says Peter as he grunted in pain since his left leg has been impaled by a rock spear.

Trevor then sat on his desk as he then realized that they just fucked up. With Vincent captured, their mission is in jeopar

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