The fact that some dragons are involved in this book is shocking. But due to the truth that it is just from a novel written by an imaginative author, it is not that convincing as it is just from the pure imagination of the author, and it is just a coincidence that the book is now depicting the twin dragons that they will be facing. Peter told Vincent to sleep as they don’t need to depend on some novel that has a fantasy genre. It is too risky. Peter ordered Vincent to rest as he can feel that the ribs of Vincent that was broken was hit earlier when he fell on the ground. Vincent tried to explain that they have to at least get some clues here, especially when it may state later, on how to defeat the twin dragons. But Peter told Vincent that it is just ridiculous to grab ideas from a mere book that is has a fragile binding already. Then again, Peter told Vincent to sleep as the young hero just followed the orders as he obviously needs some sleep. Even though the chapter is still

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