Violet told Vincent about the progress. It turns out that the gambling center is possibly owned by a much bigger criminal figure than they have expected. Based on the reports of their informants, the big boss of the center is not who they think it is, which is the current manager of the gambling center. The boss’ identity is unknown as that person rarely visits or be mentioned in that place, so that is the only thing that the informants have said. This is bigger than they are anticipating, and it would be bad to let anyone else know about this job, so, Violet told Vincent that everything will be confidential, and they will make sure that information about this mission will not leak. She will now handpick those who will be joining them in this mission to avoid any further leaks she fears. Vincent puffed out smoke from his mouth and then chuckled,

“You’ll never know, Violet. You’ll never know who is going to betray us, and we are just going to know who that is after being betrayed. Bu
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