It has been 3 days since Vincent started training under Jonathan. He has already learned a lot from him and he is also a great teacher. He may be a better teacher than Abraham. Well, they both are an expert of a certain thing. Abraham is at swordsmanship and other abilities, while Jonathan is an expert in powers since he himself is a powerful individual. Jonathan is one of the top 10, and being in the top 10 means that he is incredibly powerful. The top 10 powerful are what to call as Pillars. They are the most powerful among all heroes in the world, and they are said to be unrivaled. For 2 decades, the top 10 hasn’t even been replaced even once. Which means, the Pillars are reigning supreme for 20 years, that just says what they are truly capable of. And besides, changing Pillars may be the cause of the scale of the world to be put out of balance. Even a small shift can make a great and massive impact to the hero world. However, there are still cont

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