Vincent immediately recognized the men who blocked his way. He has seen their files in the archives when he was still a Dragons intern. These guys are just a few of the most wanted individuals in the world. Each has committed heinous crimes that will make your skin crawl and make you to throw up also. Their crimes are unforgivable. They’re murderers who murdered their own families, rapists who also killed or traumatized their victims. They are just pure evil. And Vincent believes that they don’t deserve to even be imprisoned anymore. These people have to rights to be fed by the people’s taxes in prison, while they did horrible crimes when they were outside. No, Vincent is not going to let them. And besides, they are also involved in Champ’s torture, and maybe the murder of the two students.

“I’ve always wanted to kill you, Miles. We can’t let another moron like you be a hero. It’s too dangerous.” Says one of the c

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