As Vincent left the office, he decided to go on and grab the opportunity to gather some information by disguising himself as the enemy. He wore the black robe again and then he took of his glasses. He was able to control his evil self because there’s no fight for it to be unleashed. When it is because of this situation, Vincent’s murder instinct doesn’t activate. So, he’s safe to go around and gather information without getting noticed. He tried to look like a criminal by messing up his hair and setting up a mean face that will probably give chills to every person who sees it. However, his get up made him look like an idiot. Meanwhile, in the base, in Eric’s office, Kristine knocked on his door,

“Come in.” Eric says as Kristine then entered the room carrying some kind of armor that she will probably use in the fight.

“Is the traitor thing still bugging you?” Kristine asked as she sat in front of Eric’s desk,

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