It was stupid for the committee to let the students survive in the forest wearing their uniforms. Because it absolutely dragged them down as it was hard to move, not to mention their black shoes that made it slippery to run. Vincent and Francine were running to the east for about 30 minutes now, and they have no intention to stop as the others might catch up. Francine then tripped into a fallen branch and received a sprain. Vincent stopped and treated her with the only knowledge he knew. But since there’s a lot of students who are probably following them because they might be thinking that it’s the best thing to do is to follow Vincent, so, he carried Francine up and climbed a tree and hid behind the leaves. Francine was surprised by the fact that Vincent carried her up this tall tree without even having any difficulties. She was about to ask him a question when Vincent suddenly covered her mouth and put his index finger on his lip and saying that silence. He then pointe

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