Kendrick is now awake, and he is now preparing for another night in this vast and dangerous place. As he rose to his feet, the presence of vicious demons around them was the first thing he felt. It was an unpleasant feeling as he just woke up after a long fight last night, and now, it seems that nothing is over yet and nothing is sure as long as they stay in this place.

“You guys, what have you—oh my! What the fuck happened?!” Kendrick snapped.

He then looked around, as he made another mistake. Erika, Johnny, and Janella are now gone, and he doesn’t know where they went. He then tried to grab on the string that he attached to each and every one of them, but it was no use, the string has been severed, and he is the only attached to it.

“Fuck!” Kendrick cursed as he thrashed around the camp in frustration.

He blamed himself for what is happening, as if he didn’t sleep, the three might still be here. Kendrick felt lost and confused and frustrated. He sat on the ground just sighing hard a
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