Practical Lesson

[Darius, can you come to the sparring rings? Things may get messy here.]

Seeing the message coming from Hannah, I made my way toward the sparring areas in the middle of the training grounds.

Since there are those that like to spar with each other, the academy made an arena in the middle of the training grounds for those who wished to do so.

And those four were headed there, too, to spar with each other.

With my eyes open, looking around, I made my way there.

“Hey, leave me alone.”

“Come on. We just want a friendly spar here.”

“We don’t want to.”

“Heh? Are you scared of us?”


“Just as I said before, I just wanted to have a friendly meal with you. We didn’t want anything else, right guys?”

“Yes, yes. We just wanted to have a chat with you. Who would have thought you would refuse us like that? We are embarrassed, you know.”

“So what? It is not like we needed to accept your invitation. Don’t you understand this…. We. Don’t. Like. You and your group. Leave us alone. I don’t have muc
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