Villain Wants to See the End of the Game
Villain Wants to See the End of the Game
Author: YTY
Rise of The Fallen

For people in the modern world, how much free time do you have?

I don’t really have much free time left from studying in college and doing part-time jobs, and because of that, I have decided to stop playing basketball. However, it would be very depressing if I didn’t have any hobbies; of course, I still have some. I love playing video games, especially RPG ones. Because you don’t need to commit yourself fully to one game in order to become a better player, like in online games, I have found peace while exploring the RPG game worlds.

Last Friday, while returning from my part-time job at the convenience store, a commercial advertising a new RPG game called ‘Rise of the Fallen’ caught my interest. In the first place, I have been searching for a new RPG game for quite an amount time, and that’s why I bought it immediately. After arriving home, I started playing the game while eating my dinner. Because it was a one-week holiday from college, I didn’t see any reason not to start.

Me? I am Joshua Roberts, just a 20-year-old engineering student. After I enrolled in one of the best universities in my country, which is in a different city from where we lived, I decided to rent a house and live by myself. Some of you might say, why not just live in the dorms?

Well, I thought about living in dorms too, but the idea of sharing my room with a stranger makes me sick; you see, I’m a perfectionist and a bit clean freak. I don’t really need much social interaction and can live without interacting with other people for a very long time. This kind of sociopathic behavior is usual for me because I have lived like this since Middle-school, and I haven’t had any problem with it yet. Well, enough with myself; let’s talk about the game.

Rise of the Fallen, as the name indicates, is a game about a kid from a Marquis household. Our protagonist, Percy Middleton, is the son of Marquis Middleton and Eleanor, which is a maid. As you may expect, because he was an illegitimate son of Marquis, he was ridiculed and bullied by his stepsisters and brothers. However, things changed when evil society attempted to rob the family treasure of the Marquis family, which is the legendary spear of Odin Gungnir when he was 13.

And, yes, the name Evil society is kind of cringing, but what can I say? Devs themselves named it like that, so it is not like I can change it even if I want.

Anyway, let’s not get off the topic too much.

 The game starts with the scene of his mother, Eleanor dying in front of Percy at the hands of an intruder. With realistic CGI and good voice acting, the scene makes you feel emotions. With the feeling of powerlessness and anger, Percy decides to charge the intruder and gets beaten to death. However, when we think he is dead, the legendary spear Gungnir chooses Percy as its master, and we begin to slaughter every enemy in our house.

After this assault, our MC leaves the household and becomes an adventurer. Typically most of the noble children usually attend an academy at the age of 15. Well, as you may be expected from the word ‘Marquis,’ this game has some medieval-age elements, and as a son of Marquis, we have a high standing in the noble society. Even though Percy’s mother is a commoner, he still has a fairly high status. And, because Gungnir, which hasn’t chosen any master after the founder of the Middleton Family, chose Percy as its master, Percy became a vital asset to the Marquis family. That is the reason why he is allowed to roam freely until the age of 15 when he will attend the academy.

Until the age of 15, for the period of 2 years, we begin our adventure, clearing dungeons, looting bandits, and sometimes saving beauties. Because this game is an RPG, you can customize your character’s traits and looks. You can change anything about him. And in dungeons or shops, you can get talent or skill books.

Talents are like sword or spear styles, in which players can raise their mastery over talent and raise power output after repeated usage. And talents are flexible. However, in the case of skills, it is different. For most of the game, the skills it has a straightforward and strict way of use, it is not flexible, and the power output will not change very much according to mastery.

In the game, according to the difficulty used to choose, Percy’s speed of ranking up differs, which is related to the required experience points to level up. And according to the difference in ranks, your storyline will also change since, in some cases, it is impossible to do some important things in the game without reaching a certain level.

On the other hand, in the case of Gungnir, it is a legendary-grade weapon which is the highest-rank weapon in this world. And that is the reason why Percy is highly coveted by Marquis.

Gungnir is the family treasure of the Middleton family. It is said that this weapon was so strong that, at that time, the first Ancestor of the Middleton family could rule the whole continent by himself just with the assistance of Gungnir.

However, because Gungnir is the family heirloom while adventuring, you are not allowed to bring it with you. Marquis said that after graduating from the academy, he would entrust Gungnir to Percy.

Well, the game is pretty addicting, and I ended up playing for almost 15 hours every day for a week. I finished almost all side quests, and I found most of the easter eggs in the game.

In the game, there were several different types of villains, like monsters, brutes, barbarians, cunning demons, graceful vampires, greedy humans, prideful dragons, and the list goes on.

Although in the story, we don’t go to the homeland of the demons, they still have a pretty major effect on the story.

However, there was one type of villain that I couldn’t bring myself to like him.

His name was Darius Nightborne.

Darius Nightborne, at the start of the academy arc, this guy was just an average classmate, he was a bit timid, but at the very least, he was not an annoying, arrogant noble kid.

I couldn’t even understand how he was accepted to the academy since the academy we were attending was one of the best academies on the continent.

But, even though he was timid and quiet, he had a gentle aura around him, and I liked him at the beginning since my interactions with him were funny.

However, my opinion changed when he attempted to rape the saintess candidate. All of the students who at least interacted with Darius at least once knew this guy had a crush on saintess candidate Alicia. However, maybe because he was a timid person, he hadn’t attempted to confess his feelings to his crush, even though the latter was aware of his feelings.

But, at the school festival, which is a show for students to find themselves job opportunities by displaying their skills, we find Darius trying to rape Alicia, who is in a drugged state. We, of course, save Alicia and beat Darius very hard since we are the protagonist.

 However, at that time game gives you a choice. You can either kill Darius or direct him to the official, but don’t be mistaken; either way, he dies at the end of the road. He either dies by your hand, dies in prison, or is executed in public.

The reason why I don’t like Darius is not that I hate NTR or rape. It is because I hate someone who can’t control their desires and end up getting destroyed, and this Darius guy is just like the person as I described.

I lived my whole life believing that if you want something, you need to sacrifice to get it. There is no point in wanting something if you do not have the heart to sacrifice. And if you bite more than you can chew, which means you have sacrificed something and didn’t get anything in return.

In the case of Darius, this was exactly what happened, and he lost his life over nothing, just to some stupid feeling called lust, nothing more, nothing less.

How pathetic.

Anyway, I was finally able to finish the game, but it seems Rise of the Fallen will be a game series because the story is not finished in one game.

And the story goes extreme when we finish the game. Since there really is a huge plot twist at the end of the game.

But I am really sleepy right now since I played the last part for 20 hours straight.

I think I deserve a rest.

With that thought, I decided to sleep but little did I know there would be a huge surprise tomorrow when I woke up.

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