Saintess Candidate

Of course, when the term ‘noble’ is established in a world setting, that means there will be discrimination.

It is how it is.

In the first place, the fact that there are different segments of statues that comes from birth itself without achieving anything is a discriminative thing.

And when there is discrimination, there are bound to be some dogs who think they own everything, like they are the ones that deserve all of the good things in this world.


This is what we call those types of actions.

And elitist faction.

Those are the ones that think blood matters.

To be honest, it is a pretty cliched setting. However, the game has it, so it is what it is.

And they are the ones that I didn’t like in the game most.

Because they have some sort of ego that clouds their judgment, they can’t see the bigger picture.

The danger is approaching, and the continent is reaching its end of safe days. This is pretty obvious from the increased rates of higher-rank gates appearing.

Then, what shoul
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