Chapter 6 Training

The dukes gave the report to the grand duke and Anthony was asked by the grand duke to train students in the academy on how to use sword,he accepted but he was only going to train three students and the rest will be normal magician.

Anthony was called by the grand duke to the hall where meetings were held.

"Why do you insist on training only three students?" the grand duke asked him,I once had a brother and two sister so I learnt how to battle as a team of four,so I want to recreate another team including my self Anthony said.

Hmmm but I want to ask how did your people obtain such power the grand duke asked Anthony, "We were created with powers" Anthony replied to the grand duke, created! the grand duke was puzzled,so you are not human? he asked

No am not I am a war android created solely for the purpose of eliminating of the alien that attacked our earth.

"They are no demons in your earth" the grand duke asked, no only alien he answered,after speaking with the grand duke Anthony was taken to where he was going to stay.

Anthony was given a house in the city where he is to stay,the next day he will be taken to the academy to select three students that he wishes to teach.

After Anthony settled down,why does it feel like I am human Anthony said inwardly.

<Consciousness has been uploaded>

<Emotions has become active>

<Host now have full control>

The voice in Anthony head spoke, the host has full control,but even when I was controlled I didn't feel human,maybe the emotions are what makes me feel human, "besides what are you?" Anthony asked.

<I am your system, programmed to assist you in any way> 

Anthony wondered what it was but didn't think much about it and accepted, if the demon king attack I will be sure to remove his head Anthony said to himself.

Morning was here rather quick Randle said I hope that man is ready,I don't even know his name I will be sure to ask him in the academy.

 Anthony didn't sleep all night he was used to shutting down but now he couldn't power down for some unknown reason,maybe he really is becoming human.

He was greeted with a knock on the door then he made his way to meet Randle at the academy.

The academy building was spacious because their lesson were practical, they were taught how to cast spell with their magical orb,how to kill a demon,how to defend your self from a demon attack.

Anthony meet Randle on his way in,what is your name I have been willing to ask Randle said,call me Anthony he said as they both stepped into the academy.

All the students bow to greet Randle and the stranger they heard off that was very powerful, this is Anthony Randle said pointing at him,he is going to select three students that will be training personal under him as swordsmen.

All the students were surprised,swordsmen hmm that is so lame a young boy said.

Anthony stepped forward and looked at the students closely and pointed at a girl,the girl was happy as she came out,then he pointed at a boy,he also came out then he told them to battle them self that he will pick the winner.

You didn't tell me that this is what you had in mind Randle said,you know you can't compare a girl and a boy power  level they will surely be different, I know what am doing Anthony said.

When they were ready for battle Anthony materialized his two sword and all the students were amazed,he gave the sword to both of them and told them to start.

The both of them were not proficient in using sword so they were both swinging it at them self,but the boy uses his strength to overpower the girl and attack here ferociously till she fell to the ground.

The boy pointed the sword at the girl and said I won as he looked at Anthony,slash her Anthony said to the boy.

Both the young boy,Randle and the students were shocked at what he was saying,slash her he said as he came close to him,how can I cut my classmate the boy said,I rather fail than do that.

Anthony looked at the boy and smiled,you passed he said both of you passed,huh the boy said as he was shocked even the girl on the ground too was shocked,I just wanted to see if you had the gut but apparently you don't.

I like the way you two use the sword on your first trial,Anthony collected his sword from the boy hand and slashed the before it hit her the sword disappeared, wow all the students said,he looked at the boy and said even if you slashed her it wouldn't hit.

Anthony had selected his three students they were maria,Gary and Nathan,and they had gone to another training ground inside the academy to start their training.

Two boys and a girl,they were given wooden sword to use for training,take a stance Anthony told them,they all took stances.

Wrong he told them your stance are all wrong,Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, then turn so that one foot or the other is facing "forward" with the other somewhere between 45 to 90 degrees off.

Your back should be erect, with your weight balanced between your feet, and your body dropped slightly so that when you advance or retreat,your head should remain steady and not bob up and down as you move.

Do you understand,yes sir they all answer but still had so problems getting it right,maria was the first to get it right,then Gary before Nathan.

That whole day they were taught just stance and how to hold a sword right.

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