War Android System

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War Android System

By: Mhizta ray OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The war with the aliens was almost never ending, Human had done their best but that wasn't enough. "The prototype is ready" the head scientist said as he touched a remote control and a humanoid figure stepped in. The humanoid robot that the scientist built was exceptionally taller than a normal human, they were called Spartan. The Spartan which consists of four human not designed by the world greatest scientists, this was the next advancement in human technology but will it be enough for the aliens

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Chapter 1 Spartan
*Sounds of guns and rocket launchers could be heard*Soldiers were fighting with their life on the line some had already given up on the human race and went into hiding waiting for when the aliens will rule the earth.It has all most been a year since the aliens' race that humans came to know as the Chaka tribe came to earth to claim it as their new home and make humans their slaves.Ever since it has been bloodshed upon bloodshed, both the human side and the alien side suffer great losses because of the war.But the aliens were ever-evolving and studying the technologies of man and ways to conquer them.The humans didn't rest either producing new machinery and robot to win the war."If this drags on we will be at loss" a loud voice echoed throughout the room, "sir we are trying all we can" another voice spoke, "it's not enough" the head general shouted again."Doctor when will the prototype you have been working on be ready?" the head general said in a calm tone all his anger already
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Chapter 2 Winning the war
"Wow this Spartan program is a complete success we didn't even need to do any work" the soldiers were happy.*Shinnnn*A blue light shinned from inside of the alien base,they must have brought more army prepare for battle.(in each of the alien base a star shaped blue crystal called the stark is the source of power and it also powers a teleportation portal that brings reinforcement from outer space,so to destroy the base the device must be destroyed the first humans who reach the base died before they could destroy the stark)Hundreds of more alien army swarmed the area and one of the alien general came with them.The alien general are known to be tough and resistant,so far only two of the alien general have been killed and they are over fifty in total.The battle started as bullet exchange began between the humans and the aliens,the Spartan killed the alien army without any stress and the alien general killed humans and human robot with out effort till the Spartan and the alien gener
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Chapter 3 Winning the war 2
The other Spartan showed no emotions as one of them was killed,they kept fighting and fighting.The alien king fought with speed and precise attack as he succeeded in removing another Spartan hands and legs and thrust his hands through the Spartan's chest and it core was destroyed.The remaining two Spartan were match for the alien king,the one using sword and the hand combat one were the ones left.The fight was dragging on and it gave the Spartan the advantage because it could never get tired and the alien king was getting tired.Sword slashed straight to the head of the alien king but he dodge it just barely and landed a hit on the Spartan as he blocked it but he flew backward.The alien king fought the other Spartan but was receiving hit after hit,a blow to the face and he stumbled backward,the Spartan slashed his hand off as he blocked the hit coming straight to his head.Blue blood spilled as the alien king hands fell off,he shriek as his head was also cut off.Reporting to base
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Chapter 4 Summoned
The next day all the dukes and some mages gathered at the training ground,where sir Randle is supposed to use the new magical orb,there were their in case if it went wrong they could help in stabilizing it.Sir Randle was handed the magical orb and he removed his own and replaced it with the new one.A blue light emitted from his hands as he placed his hands on the ground and began to cast the barrier spell.*HAAAA*The blue light began to increase causing all the dukes to take battle stance,sir Randle shouted as the spell became unstable and sir Randle was pushed away from the light.*BOOM*Sir Randle was sent flying but the blue light didn't stop but it kept increasing, the mages ran to sir Randle but he was not injured."What is happening" the dukes asked,I don't know Damien said the blue light began to show things beyond their earth, different colours and different worlds.Isn't that a gate way sir Randle asked Damien,I think so he said but what does it do.*EARTH ONE*In the mil
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Chapter 5 A deal from the demon king
After killing the demon Anthony walked passed the dukes and wanted to make his way outside of the wall when he was stopped by Randel."How did you obtain such power" Randel asked him,he didn't replied,help us defeat the demon king Randel asked him."Who is the demon king and what is a demon,is it the creature that I killed?" just now Anthony asked,he doesn't even knows about demons he sure is from another world one of the dukes said.Once again in the hall all the dukes gathered in front of the grand duke but this time Anthony joined them."Who is this man,is this even a man the grand duke spoke,we have identify him as someone from another world, "then how did he get here?" the grand duke asked, "when Randel tried to activate the barrier a portal was opened from the multi verse and he was teleported to our universe" Damien said."I thought the multi verse you talked about was not confirmed and was just a theory" the grand duke said,even I thought so but they is no way to explain this
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Chapter 6 Training
The dukes gave the report to the grand duke and Anthony was asked by the grand duke to train students in the academy on how to use sword,he accepted but he was only going to train three students and the rest will be normal magician. Anthony was called by the grand duke to the hall where meetings were held."Why do you insist on training only three students?" the grand duke asked him,I once had a brother and two sister so I learnt how to battle as a team of four,so I want to recreate another team including my self Anthony said. Hmmm but I want to ask how did your people obtain such power the grand duke asked Anthony, "We were created with powers" Anthony replied to the grand duke, created! the grand duke was puzzled,so you are not human? he askedNo am not I am a war android created solely for the purpose of eliminating of the alien that attacked our earth. "They are no demons in your earth" the grand duke asked, no only alien he answered,after speaking with the grand duke Anthony w
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Chapter 7 High rank demon
Days passed since the last demon attack almost a week, things progressed fast as Damien came up with a new magical orb for Anthony students, they too can also summon sword and use for fighting.It has been over a week since Anthony started training the three students, significant changes could be see because they also train their speed and strength.In the academy, Gary and Nathan were breathing heavily as they were sparing against each other, maria was sitting with Anthony and talking, the four of them were now very close after the few weeks they spent together.Sound of sword clashed against each other as they were giving it their all, Gary was more faster than Nathan, but Nathan was stronger than him."Stop" Anthony said as both of them paused and looked at their teacher, "you guys are not correcting your mistake that is why you find it hard to find a winner" Anthony told them."You need to...." the door leading to their training ground was slammed opened and a mage ran in and told
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Chapter 8 Scout
Anthony rushed toward the demon girl but she was already gone, "what did she came to do he" thought in his mind,the demon king sure is joking with all of us. The mages that was cut in the neck was still been treated his wound was fatal but the healing duke manage to get it under control but he was unconscious,he was taken away by other mages and the duke followed them. This man sure is very strong he was on equal term with the fifth maybe even faster than her if the battle had lasted long he would have had a chance to beat her. "He really is on another level even more than we dukes,you are right lucky we have him on our side" two of the dukes were talking to them self. "What was that about?" Anthony asked Damien, why did she leave besides that,she said she got what she wanted right,what did she get? he asked."I think she wanted to see how well you fight and maybe why you fight so well,maybe that is her mission from the demon king" Damien replied. "Master I am back" Anni the fift
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Chapter 9 New equipment
He returned back to the academy and told his students about the recreation of the scout and they were going to be part of the new scout, "yes" Gary shouted, we are going to kill some demons, all this training is finally going to be put to use"Anthony smiled as his students were excited, "this is not going to be fun you know right" Anthony said, first we will just go beyond the wall and not too far to see how the outside world is before we can think of going for days Anthony said.And I will need to talk to Damien about some upgrade in your magical orb, and we need new suit,equipment and transportation devices."New scout and upgrade sweet" maria said, "we'll need to train harder Nathan said, "he is right because outside of the wall is not safe,demon roam around, they are even demon town and cities" Anthony said."Hmm demon city" Gary said inwardly,Get ready Anthony said to them,the three of you against me he said."Wow, today we get to join the scout, we get new equipment and we ge
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Chapter 10 Thugs
Anthony turned back to the men who confronted him, "don't you guy know that you are in a bar if you cause trouble you will be reported" the owner said.The leader shrugged and told Anthony that he was lucky and returned back to his seat, "looks like they are looking for death" Anthony said out loud, "what did you say" the leader and the four other other stood up , "you heard me well" Anthony said while sipping his tasteless drink.The leader smiled and sat down, his four other minions also sat down, "boss you are not going to do anything" one of them asked, patience is very important.Anthony paid for his drink from the money he was given by Randle, and went out of the bar, on his way home someone bumped into him and as he turned back to see who it was he was punched in the face."Argh!, what was that" Anthony said, then the three others and leader of the group came out of the hiding."So can you repeat what you said in the bar the" leader said, "you are the guys from the bar,leave be
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