Floating Candles

Barefoot, naked soles on grass… once that was a unique kind of bliss. It felt natural for the grassland to tickle her soles. But now, it was different. Every inch of her skin was covered in deep cuts and bruises. Even walking on the gentle grass felt like running over a billion shards of glass. Her stunning braids, adorned with the most beautiful flowers, came undone. Her short dress was all torn apart. Yet, that pain felt like a passing memory. There was something else that consumed her mind.

This young child, a forest spirit, who was supposed to emit this bright and joyful energy, had succumbed to darkness. The kind of darkness that would render anyone insane.

She looked at her hands.

She looked at her chest.

She looked at her own reflection in the pond.

Blood. So much blood.

The girl tried to wash it clean. Wipe it off. But, it didn’t work. Every time the water went over it, the blood would come back. As a reminder of what she did. She knew it didn’t come from her own wounds. She w
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