With a crack as loud as thunder, the third statue split from its pedestal. The entire thing accelerated down and crushed into this unfamiliar woman. Amplified by the figure’s powerful magics, this statue sent forth an immense shockwave, toppling the walls and limiting their visibility. The woman coughed.

- “Really?”

- “It was worth a try.” – the figure shrugged.

- “There…is…no need to fight.”

Aiko retaliated as she tried to release her neck from the woman’s suffocating magic. But, as soon as she said that, the mysterious woman waved a hand, and Aiko found herself glued to the wall and with a fractured skull. Although Aiko was out cold, her godlike powers focused on stopping the bleeding and getting her body back in shape.

- “You know you can’t kill us, right?” – the figure added.

- “Who said I want to kill you?”

- “You are damn sure acting like it.”

- “I just want you to know your place. That’s it.”

- “I can relate to that.” – the figure chuckled. “Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask.”
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