Zoltan Unredeemed

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Zoltan Unredeemed

By: Siarnaq Frost OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Follow the story of Arcelon as he travels the magnificent world of Crysalia, full of wonders and magic, together with his classmates as they face the challenges presented by vicious monsters, schoolwork, and royal duties! Spanning ten nations and four continents, a decade of adventures, and a trove of world-changing secrets to uncover, everything may be different from what it seems. Even our protagonist is hiding a profound secret within that he desperately wants to hide. Will he soon find out the source of all the evil encroaching on the world, or the mystery behind his true identity be revealed first?

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Chapter 1
"...the country is stagnant, our military is behind even the viceroyalty, and the madame palatine is still stockpiling government funds as if there's a coming catastrophe that we all cannot foresee but her...""More rice, Arcelon?"I looked up and saw a smiling woman looking down at me before raising the pot of white rice under her arm.I nodded and smiled, "Yes, mama, thank you.""Here you go. Eat as much as you want. Your sister really filled the food stores to the brim when she heard that you would come for a visit," she said earnestly before sitting next to me in front of the dining table, fully laden with my favorite foods and sipping from the glass of wine comfortably.I nodded and continued eating ravenously as the news reporter commented on the television ceaselessly while we listened silently."...tensions along the border with the castle, the empire demanding more industrial output from the palatinate, the archduke announcing a raise of tariffs from Fang's goods, and all the
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Chapter 2
"Why not just go to a finishing school here in the capital, Arcelon?"I stopped throwing things at my luggage and looked up to see a distraught woman walking toward me, followed by at least half a dozen cats of all colors and sizes that began playing with my things scattered on the floor and bed.She always said I looked like my father, but our messy and curly hair was a dead giveaway from what I got from her. Not to mention our noses, eyes, and, sadly, personalities.We are always at the other side of the spectrum all my life. If I stand up for something, you can expect that she firmly disagrees with me."I want to go out of Fang, mother," I said simply as I carefully removed her fat ginger cat, making himself comfortable on top of the clothes that I was about to put on my bag, "I'm already sixteen and legally mature enough to make an educated decision in my life.""Rules and law don't apply to us, my son..."I shook my head and held my ground, "I will go as an Alcriman then. Papa al
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Chapter 3
"So, where are you going?"I smiled as I hailed a coming bus on our side of the street, "Crysalia Military Academy. I will try my luck with the scholarship. How about you?""Funny you should ask," she simply replied as she proceeded to get on the bus before me, dragging her rugged backpack and duffel bag with her, "We are on the same boat.""Or bus," I said pointedly, making her chuckle as we settled down on our seats and the bus began speeding its way towards the central part of the city."My mentor warned me not to take the examinations lightly," she said in a whisper as we enjoyed the scenes of the holy city, "I am actually lucky that he used to work there and didn't have a family of his own, so he passed his privilege to elect a scholar enrollee to me.""My father also used to work there, so here I am," I answered before glancing at my new acquaintance worriedly, "Is it that difficult? The examinations, that is, Cady?"She nodded and massaged her temple, "That was what the old man
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Chapter 4
The moment we sat down, a bell rang, and as if on cue, a woman suddenly appeared in a blast of ice crystals on the stage in front of the room.She reminds me a lot of my mother.Definitely not the kind of woman you willingly want to cross and expect to get away unscathed.Wearing a silver and gold blazer and black pump shoes, she looks very imposing and probably younger than what her curt expression and tight bun of brown hair suggest.The woman looked around imperiously among the hundreds of boys and girls before her and raised her head proudly, "Vice Principal Metis of the Crysalian Military Academy. I will cut to the chase since this will be a very busy day for all of us. You are all here as either the very best your respective schools can produce or someone who has the privilege to be related to one of our current or previous colleagues in this school. Commoners who don't have the financial means to enroll using the normal means and have to rely on the scholarships or are hoping t
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Chapter 5
"You two, you also passed!"I glanced at my companion, and she just inclined her head in my direction nonchalantly, implying that there was no way the vice principal was talking to the two of us, and I wholeheartedly agreed wordlessly as we continued following the last stragglers like us who are hurrying back to the entrance with their bags.When we were about to go through the door, the potted bonsai plants along the way suddenly grew exponentially and blockaded our path, which shocked me."What the...""Unless you two are deaf, you will come here."We slowly turned around and saw Vice Principal Metis with the man who collected our test papers waiting for us on the stage.My companion and I walk in their direction with our luggage in tow."Cady Ravier and Arcelon Mcreinen?"We both nodded at the woman who glanced at the man next to her who spoke next."You two passed."I blinked and let out a hollow laugh, "That's impossible. If we did, we would've been called earlier among the twent
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Chapter 6
We all stood up together with everyone in the auditorium to offer our rapturous applause to the principal, who was joined by the school staff and teachers on the stage before dispersing quickly."Now, where do we go from here, Arcelon?""I am wondering that myself, Cady," I said as I looked down when the students around us realized that we were wearing uniforms utterly different from theirs, "Preferably away from the crowd."My companion nodded, and I followed her lead as we walked briskly towards the exit, only to be blockaded by a second year, judging by the ram emblem that is different from the lamb one of the first-year students."And here I thought I will get into trouble this early in the school year because I cannot, for the love of the elements, find you two earlier," she said in a relieved voice before beaming down on us, "Azalea Leilee, President of the Student Council, Second Year Noble."Cady and I bowed our heads as she let out a giggle."My, my, how cute you are. Actuall
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Chapter 7
"Well, now that you are all introduced, let me tell you who I am in case your snootiness has forgotten already," our adviser sarcastically said before bowing with no hint of respect on it, "Lycus Lycourgos, a vagabond mercenary from the Empire of Fenris' Imperial Garm Dominion and sadly, both for you and me, the Eighth Class' homeroom adviser and field instructor. A pleasure."Loki, the imperial crown prince, didn't even bother hiding his annoyance, "First they got all the heirs and heiresses to the thrones of Crysalia in one class and now hiring a mercenary from the boondocks to lead it. My father's council might be right. This school is going downhill.""While I don't have any qualms with having you as my adviser, I have a few questions about the academy's, how can I say, prudence, into putting all future leaders in one section," Godiva piped in, and Ester followed suit."Given the close proximity of Alcrima with Brigansys, our cultures are not that different, I am sure I can have a
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Chapter 8
"Military-grade revolver?"I grinned at Cady when she saw me pull out my weapon from its case taken from me before we rode the car on our way here, "Outdated, but I heard it is still viable for self-defense, at the very least.""And a palatinate-quality at that. Where did you get this?""A memento from my granduncle. It is his most prized possession, or so I am told," I replied as I put them on my leg holsters, "Where's your weapon, Cady?"She smiled at me dangerously and showed her empty hand, "I have mine right here."Oh, right.Alcriman hand-to-hand combat style at its finest.Viceroyals are known for their expertise with their hands. It is said that they can kill monsters in a hundred ways using their hands alone."So, they are all downstairs, right?"She pointed at the open trapdoor at the center of the empty entrance hall with stairs leading further below."Well, nowhere to put catacombs but the underground, Cady," I answered simply as we began to walk towards it, "I wonder what
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Chapter 9
Cady shrugged her shoulders as she stood up, and we continued walking onwards, "Maybe Himiko is right all along. The academy, no, the theocracy may be hiding treasures here. After all, if you want something of utmost value, there's no better place than a maze of a labyrinth to throw off would-be robbers.""True. But the question is, what is it and why here?"Before she can open her mouth to answer, the place is suddenly rocked by a massive shockwave that pushes us to the ground and shakes the entire catacombs that I fear will cave in on the two of us for a second."What the?! An earthquake?!""No! Something gigantic slammed the ground not far from here," Cady answered as she hurried to regain her footing before me, "We should go to the direction where it came from. It's due west here, come on, Arcelon!"I quickly shook my head in fear, "Shouldn't we be running the other way?! If there's danger, the most logical thing to do is to get as far from it as possible, not head to it!""What a
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Chapter 10
In a flash of fire, Sir Lycus appeared in front of us as I struggled to stand up with the help of Cady and Zeo.He is grinning from ear to ear as he looks at each and every one of us with a bemused expression on his face, "I will have you transferred to your respective noble classes together with your countrymates posthaste. You go to the viceroyal regular lot for our two commoners.""Wait, you said we have to leave the catacombs before sundown to earn the right to be transferred to our respective regular classes," Ester said before glancing at the twilight skies, "If we are going to follow the Hyilian time, we failed to do that.""Well, we have also taken into account that for some odd reason you decided to pick a fight with the Brigansys Drac and survived, that you will also be allowed to do as you pleased," the adviser then looked at where the giant tree that Krios summoned earlier to hold the monster in place before grinning at the green pool of toxic sludge that I managed to defe
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