Chapter 9 – The House of Memories and wood.  

Chapter 9 – The House of Memories and wood.

The only thing that remained was the canyon ledge. Alex stared ahead. He doubted he would make it past the other side if they fell now. The crumbs of the earth began to decline little by little. He stood up, trying to focus.

Tear off the damaged clothing and wrap it around both hands to avoid pain. Taking advantage of the swing on the tree, he began to take some distance backward. This was not like the stories she used to see as a child on school screens, swinging in the forest with an apron to cover his crotch.

This time life and death depended on precision and strength to reach there. Alex swung with all his might pushing his massive body. Malachite sensed that he would not get to the shore wanting to help.

He tried to swing as hard as possible to push his body away, repeatedly moving the roots. The tree could no longer defend its place of residence when Alex chose to let go of his hands.

Malachite gave a slight nudge using
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