Chapter 12 - Thank you

Chapter 12 - Thank you

"Stop it, you're confusing this kid." Tom said interrupting the conversation.

"Ok, now do your job first." Connect again.

The thing stood in front of his grandfather, then shaped his own body like a sharp steep rock. Sticking himself right into Tom's head, Alex was silent for a second then he stood up pulling the thing out of it.

Both his hands were pinched by a hard rock, he didn't think that the fine black strokes wouldn't allow him to help. The immense power emanating from Tom's body flowed through the object Alex was trying to pull out.

The red color shrouded in dark magical power moved, Alex's feet slashed their claws into the wooden floor. He tugged earnestly, pulling out a 10 centimeter long canine, he felt something enter his body.

'Damn, this annoying thing is starting to burn both my hands.'

Alex lowered his shoulders, in front of him now he saw Tom closed his eyes and half of his body began to

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