Chapter 38 – Warning

Chapter 38 – Warning

Ula was surprised because the door opened with a bang. It turned out that someone had complained about it.

"I'm sorry, sister."

"Get out of the way! Keep your hands off my sword."

"Shit!" she said

Hid took his beloved sword and checked what had happened. She studied her entire collection in that place, and nothing was stuck there. Only the gold-plated sword slowly became small.

"Find out what happened!" she shouted.

Ula ran for help and started giving orders for the particular unit that was the coordination center to assemble immediately. They had an urgent meeting.


"How much longer can we get to Olympus?" said Alex whining a little, his voice like a child who wants to buy candy from his mother.

"We all can't wait to see you get there as well. So don't be fussy."

"Do we only need to go out at night?"

"I think we can do it during the day too."

The quarrel between Mala and Alex s
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