Chapter 53 - Infinite magic Mana

Chapter 53 - Infinite magic Mana

He did not give a reproach for Alex to attack. From various angles, it doesn't appear that the place looks normal. They also attack Alex so that he can't stand up properly.

He recalled what he learned against Marlin yesterday: elemental magic was more helpful than attack magic. Alex tries to control some of the objects around his enemy and aim at them, making the attack chaotic.

'Here he is.'

Seeing the opportunities that might occur, it was inevitable that the enemy would also be overwhelmed by such an attack.

"Are you here just to play young?"

Alex didn't want to get emotional and continued to point the items at him. Not only that, Alex draws all the materials that decorate the tower. The human skeletons that made up the place's walls left him speechless.

The magic he had imagined was only limited to using Tom against Voodoo turned out to be far more terrible if greedy humans obtained it. He couldn't just
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