Chapter 54 - Thank you, Joan.

Chapter 54 - Thank you, Joan.

The warmth he hadn't felt in a long time and the noise of people shouting woke him up. Finding himself in a tent and no one by his side, his body was wrapped in bandages, making it clear that he was in a safe place.

The light from behind the tent coming from the bonfire pulled Alex out. It was crowded enough to have fun after putting on some clothes so he wouldn't get cold. Several people who saw Alex coming out of the tent invited him to join.

"You're awake, mate." At the same time, handing a beer big enough to Alex. He turned it down because he was still recovering, although, without the medicine they gave him, he could have recovered by then by buying a few items at his shop and recovering well.

But that would make him look even weirder. Alex skimmed not to drink, worried he would do fun things without the others knowing like that time.

"You're so drunk, Joan." Who is it?

Seeing a familiar person, she lifted her alread
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