Chapter 68 - Analyzing the Enemy: Yamata no Orochi

Chapter 68 - Analyzing the Enemy: Yamata no Orochi

Alex didn't want everything that had become his plan to fall apart because he had to deal with people who didn't know anything. He intended to follow the event to the end.

"The official must have also done something to the people in his village."

And it was confirmed that the inn that had been occupied before had something to do with the official. He did not find the innkeeper, and the security was getting tighter, so he couldn't get inside.

Alex finally took out his jet shoes to fly up. Luckily, the moon did not appear that night, so it was suitable as a hiding place. Only people seem to be able to enter the area.

"Keep your hands off him!" the hand of a young man who was a married couple at the festival was struck with a sword.

"Ah, you are very stingy, sir."

"Even though I was her partner there," he grumbled.

"Do you want to be eaten by him too?" the man shuddered in fear. He got th
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