Chapter 91 - The Ending empty

Chapter 91 - The Ending empty

Yuki Onna showed her strength in front of those people, Sura, who didn't know what to do.

[Analyzing Hero: Yukionna - SR]

[Level: 240]

[Tactical advantage: Verdian]

[Hero Type: Mage]

[Blizzard Level 3, Ultimate: Yuki Onna flies into the air and summons a blizzard, dealing 85% damage to all enemies every second for 6 seconds]

[Frost Burst Level 3, Activated: Yuki Onna summons ice power, deals 200% damage to nearby enemies, and reduces their attack speed by 30% for 3 seconds]

[Freezing Spell Level 3, Activated: Yuki Onna casts a spell on her targets, dealing 100% damage and freezing them for 3 seconds. When the target freezes, it deals 30% damage every second]

[Healing power 520k]

[Attack 41479]

[Defense 25374]

This time Alex could see who the girl was.

"But why didn't we forget about your kindness after descending the mountain?" Alex asked.

"Maybe it's because you guys aren't from here
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